Wembley apologises for Visa Issues

Wembley Stadium says 'technical issues' caused processing problems

Wembley Stadium has apologised for ‘technical issues’ that led to fans being unable to purchase food and drink at yesterday’s Olympic football games

Thousands of fans were told they could not buy snacks with their Visa cards during Great Britain's clash with the United Arab Emirates at Wembley Stadium yesterday. Visa is the only form of credit card that is accepted at Olumpic venues as the company is the global sponsor of the games.

Visa blamed the card payment problems at Wembley on the Stadium's management, with a spokesperson saying, "we understand that Wembley's systems failed and therefore they were only accepting cash at the food and beverage kiosks. This cash only decision was made by Wembley management and not Visa. We are working with the Wembley team to help them fix this as soon as possible."

The press office for Wembley Stadium has issued a statement, saying: "during Sunday’s Olympic Football fixtures, the Stadium experienced some technical issues which prevented the processing of VISA card payments. As soon as this became apparent Wembley staff worked to address the problem and the VISA payment system improved."

"During this period, cash purchases were accepted at the kiosks. Following the event, a review of the VISA system is being undertaken to ensure the same problems do not arise again."

"Wembley Stadium sincerely apologises to fans who were inconvenienced due to this problem."