Weird News: Wheelchair lawnmower innovation and Mario meets Portal

Plus: supermarket without staff and Beyoncé sued

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech.

TomTom apologise for sharing sat-nav data with the police

For a company that prides itself on aiding its customers avoid speeding tickets, it is perhaps unsurprising that TomTom were forced into apologising after Danish police used their data to set up speed traps. Having sold the anonymous driver information to the Danish government, it was then passed on to police who employed the figures to guard identify areas of high speeding. TomTom Chief Executive, Harold Goddijn has since issued an emailed apology to subscribers and promised 'licensing agreements' will protect against such future use.

Beyoncé sued for $100m by video game developer

It was Bills, Bills, Bills for Gate Five LLC who claim Beyoncé 'unscrupulously' reneged on a licensing agreement to lend her name to the surely fantastic Starpower: Beyoncé game. Gate Five have sued, stating they had to fire 70 members of staff the week before Christmas as a result of her actions. Hopefully those Independent Women (and men) quickly found their way back into work.

Supermarket operates without staff

Good Friday was especially, er, good for several New Zealand shoppers after one supermarket's computer timers opened its doors and checkout tills for business depsite there being no staff on site. Some shoppers were less philanthropic than others once they realised this fact.

Wheelchair women uses lawnmower to cross the street

After Donald Trump's recent endeavours we thought nothing emanating from America could shock us anymore. That was until we saw a picture of a wheelchair-bound woman crossing the road with the aid of her trusty lawnmower. Words would fail us if it weren't for the fact we are paid to write this.

Super Mario Bros made easy with Portal gun

God bless geeks with way too much time on their hands. This week's work of fanboy fiction explores what Super Mario Bros would have played like with the aid of a Portal gun. The answer? Bowser would not have seen what hit him, sometimes quite literally.