Weird News: VCR collections and steam-powered PCs

Plus: Someone pays $13 million for sex ...(.com)

This week's more eccentric tech happenings, in association with

Nokia C7 has an unused NFC chip inside
Nokia’s C7 may be the where-does-it-fit-in-the-market underdog to the N8, but a strip down of its particulars this week revealed a nifty hidden talent: a Near Field Communication chip. It’s laying suspiciously dormant, but could in theory be used to make speedy payments.

Man gets arm stuck in toilet retrieving phone
Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer gets ‘stuck’ in two vending machines? This is a bit like that, only with a toilet instead of said snack dispensers and a mobile phone instead of a soda can. “Err… Homer, are you just holding onto the cans?”

Samsung Working on 3D Prescription glasses
Cheer up speccy; your ridiculous 3D woes may soon be over, as Samsung has laid the ground work for 3D specs that incorporate your specific brand of eye medication. The bespectacled may need never have to wear two pairs of glasses at once again.

Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Social Network’ clothes: Spot on
It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s been to the picture house and watched that film about how clever he is. Is it factually accurate? Yes and know, according to this video interview. His clothes are all on the money, at least…

Steam-powered computer gets the go-ahead
Those weighing up that tricky decision of whether to get an iPad or a new MacBook Air, worry no longer: forget both and pick yourself up a Babbage 01 steam machine. It’s got 1k of memory and everything. sold for $13 million
If you could go back in time and invest in something to make your future self a richy rich person of wealth and money and such, what would it be? Bet on sports? Play the lottery? No… what you would do is buy up all the one-word domain names that have anything to do with fornication.

VCR man likes VCRs
This is it: the absolute weirdest of all the millions of videos on the internet - you just will not believe it exists. Set you minds to 'open' and prepare to be blinded by maximum oddness: