Weird News: Tweet from Mt Everest, Farmville for real

Plus: Robots like to share, and skater sets off speed camera

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech

Play Farmville for real
Farmville is Facebook's second most popular game, with 47 million monthly users. But thanks to a farm in Cambridgeshire, you can now play the game for real, with a National Trust farm signing up online subscribers to vote on which crops to grow and what livestock to rear. For £30 a year, 10,000 people will take part in the MyFarm project, helping to manage Wimpole Home Farm. There also an app in offing so that users can keep abreast of developments on 'their' farm whilst on the move.

First tweet sent from top of Everest
A climber has tweeted from the highest point on the planet, after reaching the top of Mount Everest and discovering to his astonishment that he had access to a weak 3G signal. Unfortunately, Kenton Cool didn't provide us with any profound words of wisdom from the summit, instead tweeting 'Everest summit no 9! 1st tweet from the top of the world thanks to a weak 3G signal & the awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 handset! @samsunguk'. Kenton managed to connect to 3G masts erected last year in the area, which brought online services to Nepalese inhabitants and mountaineers, who in past climbs were forced to lug around heavy satellite phones. It was the ninth time the experienced climber had ascended the mountain.

Man's online date turns out to be his girlfriend
A man who thought he was in for exciting first date after meeting someone online arrived at a coffee shop in Canada to find the mystery woman he was meeting was no other than his actual girlfriend. Instead of a steamy date, the man got rewarded with something equally as hot as his girlfriend threw a cup of coffee on his face before slapping him. She was later arrested. Although on this occasion there may have been more than one lie told when the pair chatted online before hand, research suggests that people are more likely to be untruthful about themselves when they chat online.

Robots evolve to share
Researchers have created robots with digital "genes" that mutated over time and led to the robots learning how to share. The robots were tasked with collecting "food" and given the option to keep it for themselves or split it amongst their relatives. The more they decided to give to others with similar genetic makeup the more those virtual genes were passed on to future generations, including the one for altruism. It appears therefore that robots and humans can learn to coexist peacefully, despite what the Terminator films may try and make us believe.

Robot controlled by iPad catches balls
Developed in Germany, a robot has been created which catches balls that are thrown at him. It might not sound that impressive, but if you think about the amount of factors involved you soon realise that it’s no easy feat. Rollin' Justin, as the robot's called, can also apparently make a cracking cup of coffee. We’re not sure why.

Chimney demolished by Pickups
Forget dynamite; real men use pickup trucks to demolish buildings. Lines of rope 200m long were tied to four pickup trucks to demolish a 220m tall tower in Reading, Berkshire, which was nearly as high as Westminster Abbey. The stunt was done by Volkswagen to publicise their new Amarok pickup truck.

Skater sets off speed camera
A speed skater sped across streets to get up to 40mph so that he could set off a speed camera. The stunt, shown in the video below, has become a sensation on Youtube since it was posted by professional rollerblader Sam Tuffnell. He has been slammed by road safety campaigners following the incident...