Weird News Tron Playboy and Google Earth skydiving

Plus: Black Ops addiction and adult Kinect adventures

Also stimulating new uses for Microsoft Kinect.

Tron: Legacy gets sexy Playboy treatment

Fans of Tron: Legacy star and recent T3 interviewee Olivia Wilde that we are at T3 Towers, we found the lightcycle-riding, tight-catsuit-sporting 2010 Tron sequel quite sexy enough without Playboy re-imagining starring Playmates. Which isn't to say we won't be investigating this racy reimagining anyway. Journalistic responsibility, and all that.

Japanese skydive using Google Earth

There are all sorts of good reasons to go skydiving: charity, overcoming a fear of heights, escaping from a burning plane, etc. There are also all sorts of good reasons not to go skydiving, most involving death. So bravo for the Japanese students who hung themselves in harnesses six feet off the ground and screamed as a floor-projected Google Earth raced up at them. They even have a guy on cloud-duty, who steps in periodically to blast them with a fire extinguisher for extra realism. Brilliant.

School kids "addicted" to Call of Duty: Black Ops

A school in Wokingham has been the first to warn parents that their offspring may be becoming addicted to video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops by hosting a seminar entitled "Addiction to Online Games and Social Networking". Turns out the little tykes were just holding the games for a friend.

Swedish airforce takes a fighter jet sledding

As Britain grinds to a halt under literally milimetres of snow, the Swedish airforce are celebrating their "adverse weather conditions" by lashing sleds to the back of one of their fighter jets and dragging themselves around like Scandinavian Biggles. The jet never takes off, though, because that would be dangerous.

Kinect porn arrives on Xbox 360

It was only ever a matter of time. Veteran purveyors of perversity Thrixxx are the first adult entertainment company to take advantage (geddit?) of Microsoft's motion-tracking Kinect add-on for Xbox 360, using hacks created by in the Kinect community to allow users to fondle virtual ladybits with their own hands. Sort of.