Weird News: The FridgePad and giant asteroids

Plus: iPhone popcorn maker and man given 'key' to internet.

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

We hand pick a few of the last 7 days’ weird, quirky and just plain funny tech happenings…

Giant asteroid heading for Earth.

It's a Friday. The weekend is about to begin, and we thought that obviously, the first thing you’d want to know is that Deep Impact, Armageddon and Day After Tomorrow are just films. However, scientists have predicted that in 2182 we may just be on the receiving end of a 612-yards-wide asteroid, and as if to reassure us, we’ve been told there is a one-in-a-thousand chance that we’ll need to put paper bags over our heads. So for now, relish in the fact that it is an awfully long way away, and by then they’ll probably have old Bruce primed and ready to go anyway.

Man is given ‘key’ to the internet.

Ah, if only it were as silly as it sounded, in fact, now we come to think about it, it is as silly as it sounds. Unfortunately however, Paul Kane was not presented with a comically large key that would then inevitably go in a ridiculously large keyhole in the side of a wall. Instead he was given two smart cards which both contain the same share of an encryption key which would then ultimately unlock a ‘Master’ key. In Layman’s terms: A catastrophic event occurs, Mr Kane and six other chosen individuals can then ‘restart’ the internet. Sounds like something out of a film…just with ergonomic keyboards.

Last second escape for jet pilot.

This quite literally has to be seen to be believed. Whilst practising for an air show Captain Brian Bews was showing off just what his CF-18 was capable of. Unfortunately, Captain Brian Bews then stalled his CF-18 sending it into a dive of literally meters. In those split-seconds he was able to eject, and has miraculously survived. The most incredible thing about it was the fact that parachutes don’t usually work as well when activated only a few feet in the air, and sideways. Well that’s one life down, eight to go.

Apple’s iBooks store is topped by: Porn

No, we don’t mean Lady Chatterley’s Lover, we do actually mean, written erotic material. This must come as a colossal embarrassment for Jobs after Apple had erotic apps removed from the Apps store because they contained pictures of topless women. The book in question is certainly bluntly titled. ‘Incest urges of a Nymphomaniac’ by Carl East will most certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea. But what it has done is shout rather loudly at Jobs the fact that no matter how much you restrict it, the public loves a bit of the candid.

iPhone app that makes popcorn?

We really, really want to believe this is real, and even if it isn’t it’s a damn good forgery. A video has been released of an iPhone app that quite literally is able to pop corn, it shows the user opening the app, placing corn on the screen and….Bravo! This has done nothing but enhance our strong held belief that in the future you’ll be able to use your phone bake cakes, brownies, even a cheeky Sunday roast. Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

FridgePad: The most useless way to spend your money?

Bought the iPod dock for your vacuum cleaner? Purchased the iPhone speakers for your iron? Well here’s something to complete the set, a fridge mount for your iPad! This entirely baffling contraption is essentially an oversized magnet which allows you to stick your iPad to the fridge door, presumably so you can…..ok no we can’t think of anything. If you do think of a use then fear not, it’s very reasonably priced at a pound shy of £50. Bargain. Personally we’re much more impressed with this chaps use of Velcro; the video alone makes you want to buy one!