Weird News: CoD: Star Wars

Plus: RoboCup 2011: Inside the robot football World Cup

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days

RoboCup: Football playing robots

Steely hinged footballers are descending on Istanbul to take part in the RoboCup 2011, the robot equivalent of sport’s biggest tournament. Intended as a project to help develop artificial intelligence, GB’s entrant into the RoboCup is the team from the University of Edinburgh’s Subramanian Ramamoorthy, sadly as the robots were trained in Scotland football is not their strongpoint.

Tasty treats from 3D printers

3D printers are the future. Chocolate 3D printers are the future of tasty treats. Marked as the world’s first ‘food-printer’ the University of Exeter has developed a 3D printer that forgoes the usual ink innards for a tasty chocolate offering that adds layer upon layer of the food stuff to physical 3D products.

Watch that tiny space

The world’s smallest Space Invaders arcade machine has been unveiled with the tiny gaming classic measuring in at just 7 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches in size whilst sporting all the same buttons and arcade stick found on the full size original just on a smaller scale.

PS2 games galore

The excitement of buying a new console game to get it home, tear open the plastic wrap and get it in the console is one of life’s great joys. A man in the US, however, has collected every PS2 game ever made and kept them in their pristine conditions still in their wrappers and untouched. He really should have bought the console first so he could have given them a play.

Call of Duty 4: Galactic Warfare

Activision’s hugely popular Call of Duty franchise has seen a new mod released that has transformed the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare release into a Star Wars spoof with Storm Trooper clad soldiers seen scattering through inter-galactic lands.