Weird News: Tank taxi's and a pooping dog toy

Also: Boy creates real-life Angry Birds and a boss leaves robot in charge

It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time to take a quick look over the more eccentric side of tech’s last seven days. The front pages may have been filled with smartphones and tablets, but here's what you might have missed...

Tank taxi's
You wake up, you get ready for work and then you have to catch the train and then a taxi to the office. It can, in short, get incredibly tedious. Well EA Games feels your pain and in celebration of Battlefield 3 it took to the streets with a selection of tanks or 'Tanksi's' which then offered to ferry the working populace of London around the city free of charge. What you end up with is the satisfaction of knowing literally no-one can cut you up.

Angry Birds crossover into reality
Sat on the train playing Angry Birds and sometimes, just sometimes it does cross the mind 'what would this be like in real-life'. Well apart from being incredibly cruel to a number of what look like exotic birds it's also hugely victimising against pigs. Well one child decided he would overcome these real-life barriers and replace the birds with pumpkins and have assorted fruits as the pigs. Not only does the enormous gas-powered cannon fire those 'birds' nearly half a kilometre but it's also just as satisfying to watch.

Pooing dog toy to be Xmas favourite?
If it has been a long day it's understandable that sometimes it takes a while for information to sink in, well the fact is even at midday with 15 espresso's drunk it may still take a while to process this one. Reported in a video by The Telegraph, Doggie Doo is a walkable toy dog that will quite literally go for a poo if you squeeze its leash, and incredibly, it seems to be doing fairly well. Whatever your thoughts on this 'unique' product, just remember it's 'The Original Dog that goes Doo!'.

Nasa launches sting against old lady
When it comes to lunar material Nasa is rather protective, in fact over any piece of space memorabilia, no matter how important or what size. This was quite untastefully proven when they decided to launch a sting-operation on the 73-year old wife of a ex-Nasa Engineer who had been given a speck of moon dust by Neil Armstrong himself. She had been given the moondust in her late-husbands will and wanted to sell it to raise money to pay the health bills of her sick son. A truly heart-warming story indeed, until she was tricked by NASA investigators into setting up a meet, was then surrounded by Federal Agents and held for questioning for two-hours. Turns out sometimes there's just never an exception to the rule.

Boss leaves robot in charge
The chief of a games development company in Austin, Texas has found a novel way of both being able to spend time with his family and also be at work overseeing the office. This came in the unlikely form of a robot he had custom-built so he could communicate with his elderly mother while he was in Paris getting married, apparently he then liked the idea so much that he decided it could work in the office as well. He now spends his days wandering around the office in robot form giving directions and overseeing company issues, apparently the staff are fine with it but his robot form has a small problem with personal space, careful.

Apple's Find My Friends finds cheating spouse
So it was going to happen eventually, surely? Turns out Apple's Find My Friends app for iPhone 4S has a darker side to its utopian ethos. Posted on MacRumours the gentleman in question had placed the app on his wife's iPhone 4S without her knowledge and while texting her had discovered she was nowhere near her friends house but in fact at the house of another gentleman. Poor luck.

Dog takes X-ray stunt 'too far'
Dogs are wonderful pets, obedient, happy and easily pleased. Alongside these hugely endearing traits lies their other incredible ability: the ability to eat almost anything and in huge quantities. This dog in Oregon managed to eat almost a full set of billiard balls, astounding the vets at Bayshore Animal Hospital, even more astonishingly the owner had only started to notice the problem when the dog had begun to go lame. Surely before that it would have become apparent when they realised their billiard games were taking much less time?

And finally...

Giant Lego Man washes up on beach