Weird News: T3 goes comic, Sony takes the Michael

Plus: Another week, another mad Lego creation

It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time to take a quick look over the more eccentric side of tech’s last seven days. The front pages may have been filled with smartphones and tablets, but here's what you might have missed...

David Hasselhoff does something shameless for money
Apparently this has something to do with Air New Zealand being comfortable. All we can see is a slightly ill-conceived attempt to send an ad ‘viral’, in which some men dressed as sheep talk about pillows, then one of them dreams about David Hasselhoff. The Hoff, to his credit, probably got paid quite well for this, and probably a free flight or two for good measure. Flight of the Conchords, this ain't.

T3 gets the comic book treatment
To celebrate the pairing of some new kind of Doritos and some new kind of Pepsi, the companies involved have deployed operation ‘yoof-centric advertising campaign’ to great effect. This involves comic book-style heroes japing about, and the illustrators have been kind enough to draw a little skit depicting them enjoying T3. As well they would.

iPod Nano watch madness
What do you want from a new iPod Nano? More storage? Better sound quality? How about 16 differnet watch faces? We think secretly Apple hates the people who think they’re ‘wacky’ enough to wear an MP3 player as a watch, but you’ve gotta give the people what they want…

‘Is my Son Gay?’ App removed
Android’s App store is open source and relatively unrestrictive, which also makes it a hotbed for some of the worst, most useless and most offensive apps going. One such offending article was pulled from sale though, this week, for overstepping even Google’s most lenient of lines. The app was designed to tell mothers if their son was gay – in a 1920’s fearful sort of way - by answering a fistful of simple, stereotyping questions.

The £22 tablet
You want one? No, us neither. That said, £22 is pretty cheap, so you can excuse it for running Android 2.2 and sporting an anti-responsive resistive touchscreen. Unfortunately, even if you were tempted you’d be out of luck; it’s only on sale in India, and the £22 price mark is only for Students. Lucky them.

Lego Death Star
Seems like Lego is on the offensive at the moment. Like it’s in a bid to prove that it’s better than Minecraft. Last week we showed you a Gears of War Lanser gun made out of the Danish bricks. This week the stakes are even higher; here’s a recreation of the inside of the Death Star.

Kim Jong-il's grandson ‘likes’ Facebook
Someone’s on the ‘book pretending to be the grandson of North Korea’s infamous, illustrious leader. Is it actually him? We don’t know… but if it is, he ain’t very happy about the way things are being run over there. The revolution will be social networked.

And finally…

Sony loves Michael

Are you Michael? Sony reckons everyone has a bit of Michael in them. Confused? Watch this rather stirring PS3 ad, and all will be revealed.