Weird News: Stolen MacBooks and cheap beer frenzy

Plus: Blurry tablets, retracted tweets and models

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Microsoft hides its tablets

Microsoft lifted the lid on its uber-platform, Windows 8 this week. In the official video, an MS exec was sat in the ‘design room’, explaining the operating system’s various features. But hang on; what’s that on the wall? Could they possibly be some blurred out Windows 8 tablets?

This Guy has my MacBook

Thief steals laptop, blogger secretly films him with app that allows remote access to the webcam. So far, so viral. If it’s true, it’s a real internet win, but there are some rumblings that it’s all just a marketing campaign, given that the blogger’s website is built by the same company as the apps. What do you think?

The PSN battle continues
The war between Sony and the hackers rattles on. Every time the gaming giant gets to its knees, another thunderous blow knocks it back to the ground. This week the Playstation Network *technically* went back up, but the website used to allow users to change their passwords (now a necessity) was taken down. When will it end?

Blogger made to retract tweets
Whether it’s about footballers’ frolics or company policy: be careful what you tweet. A Malaysian micro-blogger has been ordered by court order to tweet no less than 100 messages apologising for tarnishing the reputation of a company’s HR department. It’s probably quite hard to maintain any sort of Twitter coolness when you’re regurgitating forced apologweets.

Hacker does some hacking, gets hired by Microsoft
If you want a job at Microsoft, why not ape its founder’s youthful misgivings? Just like Bill Gates, a 14 year-old Irish hacker has been taken under MS’ wing after having pulled off a daring Call of Duty hack. He’s now being nurtured to “develop his talent for legitimate purposes.”

Google: Get a Mac
With Google’s seemingly hack-proof Chrome OS now hitting the shelves in the form of Chromebooks, you’d have thought the search giant would want to steer punters away from the competition. It’s odd, then, that Google’s Eric Schmidt should be singing the praises of a rival. “You could use a Mac instead of a PC,” he said, when asked a question about computer safety. The Google PR team collectively banged their head son the table.

Tesco glitch causes beer frenzy
People who lambaste Twitter as being useless would probably change their tune if it helped them unearth cheap booze. Word spread around the micro-blogging site like wildfire yesterday that a glitch at Tesco stores in Scotland had priced crates of select beers £9 cheaper than normal. The ensuing scramble led to car park scraps and police presence.

And finally...

The UK’s sexiest model
Never underestimate the power of people with too much time on their hands on the web. Fashion chain next has opened an online competition to find its next model, but among the would be stars is one slightly rotund chap, who’s running away with it. Online votes currently have him in the number one slot.