Weird news: Steve Jobs in the wild and FaceTime fornication

Plus: Lobotomised insurance claims and the best game you'll never play

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

Leicester Council buys iPads. Lots of iPads
Apple would have you believe that the iPad can solve all your problems; according to the marketing, it is ‘magical’. Whether this magic can be spun for productive purposes at Leicester Council remains to be seen, but they’ve just bought £40,000 worth of the things, so you’d bloody hope so.

The porn industry loves FaceTime
…And we all love the porn industry; as early adopters go, the smut peddlers are equals. Blu-Ray and 3D have both famously been given… erm… a ‘helping hand’ by the industry, after all, and soon Apple’s video chat software will be doing wonders for the world of webcam shows. Shows of Ladies. Ladies doing morally questionable things. The list of potential puns is endless.

Steve Jobs wears the same clothes at all times
Apple’s CEO has been spotted out in public. It’s almost as weird as when you used to see your teachers in nightclubs, isn’t it? Stranger still: he‘s been photographed wearing that same outfit he always makes his announcements in, fuelling rumours that he is in fact a cartoon character, and is painted into his clothes. Steve: Blue jeans of that hue are pretty nineties. Oh, and yes: this does qualify as news.

Back to the Cinema
Great Scott! To celebrate 25 years since its initial release, 80s classic Back to the Future is getting a digital spruce-up and being lovingly shoved back into cinemas. If this doesn’t make you happy, it’s probably because you’ve never seen it before. Either way: we’ll see you in line at the box office, along with everybody else in the world.

Vodafone update for Desire gets people’s hopes up
Branded HTC Desire owners are eagerly awaiting the digital nudge into the world of Android 2.2 (FroYo). Excitement may have dawned a bit too early this week though, as Vodafone pushed out an update to stock the Desire with its 360 service, raising false hopes in the process. It’s like opening a Christmas present only to realise that the box the present comes in is the present itself.

Google Wave dies a death

Did you ever use Google Wave? No, and that’s probably the reason it’s now been left out in the water to die. The email-based collaboration tool never quite took off like the big G hoped it would, but that’s probably because more time was spent explaining whatever the hell it was it was meant to do than was actually using it.

Bizarre iPhone insurance claims
An iPhone insurance company has wrangled together a list of its most obscure and frankly alarming claims. Among them are people using their handset as a ping pong bat and some fella who buried his in his garden ‘accidentally’. The morons walk among us… Time to buy a bomb shelter.

Ubisoft game gets cancelled, despite looking amazing

Games get canned all the time, that’s nothing new. Occasionally though, something gets pulled from development that properly beggars belief. Have a ganders at this brief bit of gameplay footage from a recently culled Ubisoft number… we defy you not to desperately want to play it. Running, gunning, (what looks like) London, great big sci-fi robots and top graphics. Where could it possibly go wrong?