Weird news: Stalkerish wheelchairs, Apple's sex life

Plus: Poo-fueled Bug and the news from Taiwan

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

iPhone users have more sexual partners
In the battle of the smartphones, Apple just got a surprising edge as a study by OKCupid found that iPhone users on average have more sexual partners by the age of 30 thirty than people who use Blackberry and Android handsets. The figures say that an average iPhone lady will have had 12.3 partners, with only 6.1 for their Android counterparts. For men, the average iPhone user has had 10 compared to the 6 of an Android fan. OKCupid’s Christian Rudder said of the figures: "Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting f***ed by Apple.” Are iPhone users promiscuous then? Or are Android owners just prudes? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Robotic wheelchair follows humans
Researchers at Saitama University's Human-Robot Interaction Centre in Japan have apparently decided stalking should not be limited to humans only. Their latest project has produced a wheelchair equipped with motion and distance sensors that allow it to lock onto an individual and follow their path. Developers have also enabled the wheelchair to predict where the person will go based on shoulder movements, enabling the machine to keep up alongside. There has been no indication whether it will be released commercially (the realms of laziness would be unimaginable if it was given to the general public), but it is currently being field-tested in care centres that are short staffed.

Bio-Bug that runs on human fumes
GENeco, a company that specialises in organic waste solutions, have produced a Volkswagen Beetle like no other. Running on methane collected from a sewage treatment facility in Avonmouth, the car is a clever and alternative take on alternative fuels as biogas is a relatively untapped source. According to the company, flushed water from 70 toilets could provide enough energy to run the car for an entire year. It may sound like good fuel economy, but as a convertible VW Bug, you may want to keep the windows roof and windows up – we couldn’t imagine what those exhaust fumes would smell like.

Apple censor Playboy for the iPad
Apple and Playboy top-man Hugh Hefner have finally agreed a deal to bring the famous adult magazine to the iPad. The only stipulation is that all nudity must be censored… Oh dear. The traditional centrefolds and racy photoshoots will instead be replaced by tasteful headshots of the models. This may come as a blow to Hef as, even though the publication prides itself on good editorial, there’s no argument as to what keeps it selling. Maybe if he’d just waited it out a few months for the Samsung Galaxy Tab to come out. Android don’t seem to mind that sort of thing too much.

Japanese ‘Dryer Box’ saves soaked gadgets
The philosophy ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ comes to mind regarding the news that the Japanese company JMC Risk Solutions have developed a box that will dry and fix any water-damaged gadget. The Dryer Box, in theory, is the solution that many of us may have needed when a precious phone or iPod is accidentally water-logged. Currently only in Tokyo, the machine charges 1000 Yen (under a tenner) and last about 30 minutes, during which it will completely dry your phone. Better yet, if the gadget isn’t fixed, there’s no charge. Either way, it sounds a lot easier than having to replace the object after a voided warranty.

Taiwanese CGI reconstructs the news
Back when the iPhone 4 came out (with all the antennagate uproar), there was a CGI animation made by a Taiwanese news station of Steve Jobs as a Sith lord of the evil Apple empire. It made the rounds on the internet and the general reaction to it was hilarious. Since then though, there has been an smattering of similar topical output, including Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brian, Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence, the allegations of Al Gore’s sexual harassment, and most recently, a recount of the story of the world’s best known (ex)flight attendant, Steven Slater, complete with angry swearing and beer-swilling. They show the BBC and Sky how news doesn’t always have to be delivered with such a dour tone.