Weird News: Sky shows 3D Opera and apps fight back

Plus: Sexy world records and not-so sexy ads...

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Mark Zuckerberg: The Comic
As ‘origin’ stories go, a man sat at a computer doesn’t really scream ‘exciting’. Nor, you’d think, would it lend itself very well to a comic book treatment. Well, show how much we know: the story of Facebook’s creation has been turned into a one-off 48-page comic. Just ‘cos.

Xoom goes gold for the Oscars
With ‘Who are you wearing’ being the main question facing all Oscar attendees, the Motorola Xoom’s obviously felt the need to step up its game. As such, it’ll be attending the ceremony in a swathe of gold. Where’s it sitting, you ask? In the goodie bag of every A-lister.

Facebook break-up app
It’s been a rocky week for obsessive types, who received wonderful news early on of an app that’ll let you keep a beady eye on the object of their desires, before letting them know as soon as they become single. Crushing disappointment must have been felt across the stalker community later on, then, when it was banned by the big FB. Ah well… there’s always hiding in bushes. breaks records
You’ve got a time machine and you need to know how to quickly get as much money as you can; it’s a problem we’ve all been faced with at one time or another. Well, thanks to a record-breaking auction this week we now know that the easiest way to get hold of £8 million is to go back and get yourself into the domain name business...

Nintendo goes raunchy
Ready to see the Weirdest Trailer of the Week? Course you are. We should probably point out that this trailer – for an upcoming Wii game – is intended for adult consumption, but even being over 18 can’t prepare you for the sheer awkwardness, the utter madness that is the Wii Dare trailer. Best of luck.

Sky 3D opera
Remember those press images that did the rounds when Sky first started shoving 3D into pubs? The ones with a room full of punters staring up at the glowing football machine with 3D specs on? Sky’s obviously thought it’s time they replicate that with the more culturally perceptive 3D viewer; welcome to the pioneering new world of 3D Opera.

Android app speeding win
Apps make your life easier and better. We like them. We especially like them when they get us out of a tough scrape, like one chap did by using a GPS app on his Android phone to prove that he wasn’t speeding. More good apps that do good things can be found on the T3 App Chart.

And finally…

Mind-control driving
Take your hands off the wheel. Go on; it’s fine… Honest.