Weird News: Silver Foxes and the iPad Bridesmaid

Plus: Truly mobile phones and internet slang

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Internet Terms in Chambers Dictionary

Internet terms such as 'cloud', 'paywall' and 'tweet' will soon be entering the next edition of the Chambers Dictionary.These are just obvious examples, in fact around a quarter of the words being added in the next edition are terms derived from internet use. The publisher their next Dictionary edition depicted "a wave of geek chic, a more strident green agenda, and the way in which the recession has shaped how we speak today."

The Science of the Silver Fox

Scientists have found that stress really can cause grey hairs. Chemicals are triggered during stressful situations that degrade at the protein 'p53', also called 'the guardian of the genome' by scientists for its importance in preventing cancer. "The study showed chronic stress leads to prolonged lowering of p53 levels," said co-researcher Dr. Makoto Hara of Duke University, North Carolina.

The Company Haircut

Japanese construction firm Maeda Corp. has ordered 2,700 of it's staff to adopt the same haircut in order to save on power and water. Men are required to have a classic short back-and-sides whilst women are permitted a short bob, with a fringe. Maeda Corp. spokesman Chizuru Inoue said, "we are not sure of the data yet, but we believe if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water."

The Really Mobile Phone

One of the common limitations of the mobile phone is battery life, especially with smartphones becoming more powerful by the month. Professor Tom Krupenkin from the University of Wisconsin says that, "humans, generally speaking, are very powerful energy-producing machines." Thanks to a small energy capturing device placed in your shoe, you may soon be able to recharge your mobile simply by taking a stroll.

The iPad Bridesmaid

In a week where all the talk has been about Steve Jobs and Apple, this is surely a story that would bring a smile to the man's face. Bridesmaid Renee Armstrong managed to attend her friend's wedding, despite being 1,600 miles away from the service. She was not only part of the ceremony, but she chatted to guests, attended the reception and even posed for photos... yes, all via her iPad.