Weird News: Self high-five machine and lightest phone

Plus: 10 Geekiest iPhone stands, 'indestructible' USB stick.

From uselessness for your pool to whistling the 'God Particle', it's all here in this weeks Weird News.

Gaming gear that means you’ll never have to move….again

Have you ever found yourself so intensely lost in a game that you may have forgotten to blink for several hours? No? Us neither. But a Japanese company has decided that some of us do suffer from this ocular paralysis and have come up with a pair of specs to remind you to blink….marvellous. Check out the other fantastic creations allowing you do to everything from the chair, and we do mean everything people.

Scientists discover ‘sound’ of the God Particle

Scientists have managed to recreate the ‘sound’ that they believe the God Particle will make. The idea behind it is to be able to better analyse the data received by the LHC. Of course if you, like us, have been finding it a bit tough to analyse the latest results from CERN these days then this will come as a blessing.

A king amongst phones deserves a throne..

Looking down at your shiny new iPhone, have you ever though that perhaps, the table top was just not good enough? Well the answer is finally here, in this collection of wonderful and ‘special’ iPhone docks. Our particular favourites include firstly the vintage rotary phone dock, making sure your iPhone will become the essence of Art Deco and ‘chic’. But our favourite is the hugely appropriate ‘book’ dock, simply a book that opens to reveal not pages, but an iPhone, perfect for hiding your iPhone until it can actually work.

Wedding proposal; the gamers way

Brad Smith was a man with a plan. Realising just how insanely stupid the current proposal protocols were, he decided to bend the rules a bit. Using a program called Lunar Magic Brad redesigned one of the levels on Super Mario Bros. rearranging the coins to spell out the big question. Click above to find out if it’s a happy ever after.

Worlds lightest phone, sort of

Modu has decided that the world of mobile phones needs a shake up. Its latest device is actually listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the lightest phone ever. This is in fact however, a cheeky bit of wordplay, whilst the actual handset is still a fully functioning phone, the company provides ‘jackets’ which in turn beefs the phone up but provides extra functionality for every occasion!

Self high-five machine: Every egomaniacs dream.

You’re on a deadline, again, and the clock is ticking. In fact you only have four minutes before the mind bogglingly important thing, for some person, at that place, has to be done. Success! You look around, only to find there is no one to high-five you. Deniz Ozuygur is on hand to help, her self-high-five machine “guarantees a perfect slap every time”. Result.

Indestructible USB Stick

LaCie has decided that for many of us, the risk of simultaneously falling down a huge waterfall then being engulfed in flames, whilst walking to the office is just too high. In an effort to make sure not only you, but all your data survives this mildly lethal journey they have come up with the XtremKey. Waterproof to 100m and heat resistant to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, this sucker will make sure that volcanoes and such other acts of God will do nothing to prevent you giving that presentation.

Pool gadgets…ridiculous yet alluring.

If you’ve ever flown across the great pond, it’s an almost certainty that you’ll have seen a copy of SkyMall. The stupidly obscure ‘Argos’ of the skies, this magazine is sure to have, at some point, caused amusement at some of it’s ridiculous yet catchy gadgets. From the MP3, LP-playing book case to the mini nose trimmer that’s also a book light. Wilson Rothman from NBC gives us his choice pick of equally as silly gadgets for your pool.