Weird News: Segway unicycles, roll-up tablets

Plus: Robot uprisings, stalking cupid online

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech.

Computers outsmart game show champions

Years from now, the struggling remnants of humanity may look back on this week as the beginning of the robot uprising. In a display worthy of Skynet, an IBM supercomputer named Watson took to the stage on US game show Jeopardy and coldly terminated the human competition. By the end of the three-day competition, Watson walked away with twice the prize money of its human competitors combined. Well, it didn't walk, but how much longer can it be?

Facebook adds gay relationship statuses

Facebook users now have further options to pick from to describe their relationship statuses. Alongside "married", "in a relationship" and that non-commital staple "it's complicated", users can now describe themselves as "in a domestic partnership" and "civil union" with another Facebook user. Cue social liberation and an avalanche of "hilarious" frapes.

Question of Internet Explorer's modernity answered

It's not, apparently. At least according to Mozilla techie Paul Rouget, whose unequivocal answer to that question was spotted on his blog in size 20 font.

The middle-aged find love online

The unattached between the ages of 40 and 70 are reportedly the most active at searching for love online. A study by the Oxford Internet Institute reports that the middle-aged are flocking to dating sites in greater and greater numbers.

Sony roll-up tablet in the works

Or not, most probably. With a "leaked image" about as detailed as a child's doodle a primary school desk, we're not entirely convinced by a PlayStation branded tablet that - for some reason - you can roll up like a bit of a old newspaper.

Segway-like unicycle sweeps into view

Using gyroscope to keep its rider from toppling over like a pin, the Solowheel is a motorised tyre with two steps either side that you steer by leaning. That shouldn't require any further selling on our part, but just in case it does, have a gander at the video below.