Weird News: QR tombstones and Google kills your brain

Plus: Pets on Facebook and the iPhone gun

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Facebook Pet Pages
According to a recent survey, one in ten pets in the UK have their own Facebook page, Youtube channel or Twitter profile. It’s a sad, sad statistic that shows a darker side to social networking: one where people eschew the chance to do something useful with their lives, opting instead to act as if the little animal that lives in their house actually has a personality, and isn’t just after your food.

The QR tombstone
When a loved one dies, how do you decide on a pithy set of tombstone words that’ll best describe their life? The answer is you can’t. What you should do, like Israel medical technology exec Yoav Medan has, is attach a QR code to the thing, which can be added to with words and pictures over time. Unless Kids come and graffiti it.

Search engines are killing you
…That’s according to a psychological report, which reckons that our brains are training themselves to forget useful information under the assumption that it can be easily Googled. It’s a system that works for things like country capital cities, but you’d just hope that it doesn’t extend to things like how to cross roads or how to breathe.

Best Xbox 360 hack ever
It’s one of the worst problems facing mankind; you sit down, turn the Xbox on wirelessly and then find that it’s got the wrong game in the disc slot. What’s the solution? If you’re this chap, it’s to build an elaborate machine that’ll auto change between discs. Makes you wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of this themselves.

Rhianna beats GaGa
The battle for Queen of Facebook has heated up, with Lady GaGa now slipping into second place. Rhianna has overtaken, becoming the popular female human being in the Facebook world. She’s still a few million fans off of Eminem, who currently holds the top spot. Presumably Rhianna’s shift up to sit next to him on the tables is due to their rather successful duet?

First in line for the iPhone 5
File this one under ‘massive marketing stunt’, but binman-turned app developer Rob Shoesmith has decided to give up his work and sit outside the Apple store from now(ish), living on scraps and handouts until the launch of the iPhone 5. Well… that’s the plan, anyway. So far he’s just collected freebies without doing any actual queuing.

Apple in ‘selling funny T-Shirt’ shocker
Turns out the guys at Cupertino do have a sense of humour. A new T-Shirt has appeared in the gift shop at the 1 Infinite Loop HQ, proclaiming “I visited the Apple Campus. But that’s all I’m allowed to say.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the company’s own secrecy, revealing that Apple can, in fact, be able to make fun of itself.

And finally…

The iPhone slingshot
Got a few hundred useless iPhone’s knocking about? This bloke clearly does. He’s made a slingshot specifically designed to fire the world’s most expensive ammo: