Weird News: QR Heads and the Sesame Street SatNav

Plus: Angry Birds gets really, really expensive

It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time to take a quick look over the more eccentric side of tech’s last seven days. The front pages may have been filled with smartphones, but here's what you might have missed...

QR heads
Every bloody week there’s some new, weird thing that someone’s put a QR code on. A few weeks back it was Volleyball player’s bums, and now it’s footballers heads. The man who has the arguably easy job of styling Wayne Rooney’s hair has turned his clippers to Bromley FC’s players, in order to shave the codes for Betfair. We’ll raise the same point as always with these things: it’ll be quite hard to scan.

Angry Birds for a tenner
You’ve got to feel for Angry Birds makers Rovio. They’re really struggling at the moment. Bit hard up. On the breadline. That 500 million download figure can only go so far in this tough financial climate. That’s probably why they’ve decided to start stocking the game on discs for PC in physical stores. For a tenner. £10.20 to be exact. Which, when you consider that the game’s available to play for free on Chrome, seems a bit mad. Best buy it, though, else it’ll be a sad old Christmas in the Rovio house this year.

Sesame Street Sat Nav
Not got enough comedy voices stored on your TomTom yet? Does your life feel just a little bit incomplete every time you reverse off the driveway? Fear not! Sesame Street favourites Bert and Ernie have signed up to be the sat nav company’s newest guiding voices. It might be entertaining, but we predict disaster when you’re trying to traverse a complex box junction while the two of them shout at each other about who’s been pissing on the toilet rim, or whilst Ernie tries to coerce Bert into finally exiting the closet.

Twin Jet engine Harley
Motorbikes. Not fast enough, if you ask us. What they need is a rocket-shaped kick up the jacksey… or two. If you agree and have just found an old coat with $25,000 (£15,600) in it, then we suggest you buy this earth-shaking twin jet-engined Harley Davidson. Top speed? 200 miles per hour.

Not so Flash now
It’s a change of heart bigger than when those people who weren’t allowed to sing on that TV singing programme got let back in to sing on that TV singing programme; Adobe has ditched Flash on mobile devices. We’ll not be crass and try to raise a laugh via the late Steve Jobs, but what we do know is this: that big sound you heard earlier in the week was everyone with an iPhone releasing a solid burst of laughter.

The Moto Razr key test
The New Motorola Razr is upon us and, for one reason or another it’s covered in Kevlar. This is for one of three possible reasons: A) It looks cool, B) Motorola assumes you’re going to get shot at by muggers for having one, or C) Because you normally have your phone jangling around in your pocket with your keys. This video demonstrates that it’s pretty good in the event of the latter.

Steam-punk Eye-Pod
It’s a good thing Apple has Jonathan Ive. His obsession with, or fetish for, clean lines and anodised aluminium normally results in pretty nice looking things. It could be different. If Apple’s chief designer had a liking for steam-punk, the iPod probably would have come out looking something like this.

And finally…

The robot guide dog
Right, so… There’s an obvious question to be asked, here. If you’re going to design the perfect, tailor-made robotic machine to aid blind people, why would you copy a dog? Dogs are about as good at it as any living mini beast, but they’re not exactly purpose built…