Weird News: Philippe Starck hard drives, acting androids

Plus: Call of Duty recreated and bizarre video feeds...

This week's more eccentric tech happenings, in association with

Android actress takes to the stage
Japan is ahead of us with tech – that’s a fact. It’s not always for the greater good, though, as this clip proves. Still, hiring robots to tread the boards is one way to deal with the cuts to the Arts council.

Philippe Starck hard drives
It’s all well and good getting top quality designers to turn their hands to furniture and buildings, but when it’s something that traditionally gets hidden away and – crucially – works best when it’s small and square, we have to question things…

Weirdest live video feeds revealed
Webcams are brilliant things; they allow people to stay in face-to-face contact when they’re really miles apart and allows for international businesses to function without the need for carbon footprint-inducing flights. They also allow people to bring you a live feed of their fridge.

Hackers break Kinect
That didn’t take long. People in the know have broken into Microsoft’s new gaming peripheral and tinkered with its brain. The result? Not much, although Minority Report-style photo-wavery has been promised.

Nintendo trademark ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong’
Strange one this. We’ve every right to believe it’s nothing but a stunt to publicise the new Donkey Kong game on the Wii, but Ninty has taken it upon itself to file a trademark application for the phrase popularised by Ice Cube.

Gun nut recreates Call of Duty
People say that violent video games make people violent, but we know better than that, right? Perhaps not, as this lunatic duly proves by pulling off a series of outlandish gun manoeuvres. Don’t try any of this at home.

Call of Duty: Black Ops angers Cuba
Then again, maybe games are ok – after all, the bit in the new CoD where you have to make Cuba’s leader stop existing is nothing worse than the US has (reportedly) been trying to accomplish for years. Exploding cigars, anyone?

And finally…

Sporting heroes worthy of their own gaming franchises
Brian Lara got one, John Madden got one, Anna Kornikova got one. Where’s Dennis Irwin’s?