Weird news: Nokia's HTC lunch, Steve Jobs' Ninja stars

Plus: Can a bathtub cure a web addiction?

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

We hand pick a few of the last 7 days’ weird, quirky and just plain funny tech happenings…

Man lives in bath to cure web addiction
We’re not talking about Somerset here: this chap from Queens, NY decided that his internet addiction was so bad that the only logical thing to do was to hide from the offending technology in his bathtub. For five days.

Halo Reach jetpack extravaganza
If you were launching one of your console’s biggest ever games and wanted to make a bit of a song and dance about it, what would you do? Pay a huge amount of money to get a man in a suit to jetpack himself around Trafalgar square for 4 seconds, probably.

Pigeon races broadband
When you’ve spent years raising a bunch of homing pigeons to the point that they can find you from anywhere in the country, you might find that your hard work has very few real world uses. There are some, though, like seeing if they can fly files across the UK faster thant the web.

Nokia makes HTC conference-proof lunchboxes
Nokia world and HTC’s big unveiling took place on the same day this week. In an uncharacteristic flash of business rivalry, Nokia handed the exiting masses packs to deal with its rivals’ briefing. Check out what was inside…

Russian 4G phone has front and back touchscreen
In Soviet Russia, smartphone touches you. Well, maybe not, but something equally bizarre is afoot out east, as blurry-cam-man scooped this shot of a Russian smartphone packing no less than two touchscreens.

Call of Duty gets its own Jeep
Gaming merchandise is nothing new, but when it requires several thousand pounds and a serious chunk of driveway, things are getting a bit much. Still, you’ll probably get a copy of the game slightly cheaper. Now that’s a bundle.

Video games make your brain harder, better, faster, stronger
It probably won’t come as surprising news to the kind of hardcore gamers that play CoD online to the point where they can catch flies with a single chopstick, but new research reveals that gaming sharpens reflexes and strengthens up your brain. Game on.

Steve Jobs and the Ninja star fiasco
There’s no news weirder than a tech giant’s CEO smuggling weapons through customs, but things can always be made weirder with a good old fashioned Japanese CGI mental-o-vision recreation. Enjoy.