Weird News: Mining for iPods and robot internet

Video: Nervy Steve Jobs in an early TV appearance

This week's more eccentric goings in the tech world...

Mining for iPods

Indium, the element that helps create the touch-screen technology found on iPods and flat screen televisions, could be set to re-invigorate mines in Cornwall after it was discovered inside an ancient mine. A small amount of Indium is used in liquid crystal display screens for many other household gadgets and the value of the rare element has rocketed in recent news. So the folks of Cornwall may have just struck some serious iGold.

The internet: Strictly for robots

It seems the world wide web we are most familiar with is not good enough for our cyborg compatriots as the guys at RobotEarth revealed this week plans for an internet that will let robots share information between each other. While we don't imagine this will be banter about the football at the weekend or epic fail videos, according to the RoboEarth group, the plan is to get robots to "autonomously carry out useful tasks that were not explicitly planned for at design time." We don't know if we like the sound of that...

Farm filled with RAM

Yes, once again Brits have been shown to lack knowledge of some of the most commonly used tech terminology . In a poll conducted by deals specialists to investigate attitudes towards technology, the term ‘motherboard’ was revealed as the most confusing tech term for Brits. Other startling findings include 27% of people believing the term ‘RAM’ was a farmyard animal and 26% of people believing that ‘3G’ stood for ‘3 dimensional television.’

World's largest...

In wouldn’t be a weird tech news week with out a rudimentary ‘World’s largest’ claim. This week it comes courtesy of NiCT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) in Japan, where the largest glasses-free 3D display currently resides. At a whopping 200-inches you can enjoy the 3D splendour without looking like a Clark Kent reject.

Will Carling iPad hunt

The former England rugby captain made the headlines after tracking down his beloved Apple tablet having left it on the train. Keeping his Twitter followers updated on the latest events, Carling used his MobileMe tracker service to finally hunt down the whereabouts of his iPad and once the new owners realised that it was being traced, handed it into a police station.

Virtual confessions from your iPhone

The greatest development in religion since Catholicism Wow! and the Buddy Christ, the Catholic Church has approved an application which allows users to confess their sins on the go without visiting the dreaded confession box. Jesus-followers can create a personal conscience profile based on their age, sex, job and marital status, while helping them deal with their earthly misdemeanors.

Posh and her Gold iPhone 4

When she’s not in the company of Goldenballs aka England football legend Mr Beckham himself, Mrs Beckham it seems has a constant reminder of her football fella having shown off an gold designed iPhone 4. While it’s not the handy work of gadget-blinger Stuart Hughes, Posh was also snapped sporting a very personal lock screen image as David Beckham can be seen posing topless for his wife.

And finally...

Steve Jobs wants to puke

Despite Mr Jobs publicly announcing that he would be taking indefinite leave from the Cupertino company, it seems he can’t keep away from the place having been spotted on the premises in recent weeks. But it’s not the only place the iPod impresario has cropped up this week. Check out Jobs some time before he mastered the charismatic art of performing on stage in front of hundreds of journalists and Apple fanbois. We particularly enjoy a younger Jobs being asked if he needs to go to the toilet before he goes on air.