Weird News: Killer codes cracked and pervy landlords

Plus: Google wants you to grow up, Konami bets the farm

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last 7 days

Apple launching TVs?

One of the more outlandish Apple rumours in recent memory, this. We’ve been spoon-fed gossip that the iPhone maker will soon be ditching the Apple TV box, opting instead to spin out enormous 55-inch TVs with the iTunes software built in. Is there that much anodised aluminium in the world?

PES 2012 plays a dangerous game

If you’re looking to launch a rival to what will be one of the biggest games of the year, when would you have it land on the shelves? Presumbaly before said rival? Nope. Konami’s made a very brave move, in setting PES 2012’s release date a couple of weeks after FIFA 2012, which puts it right in the middle of the month, miles from a payday that sees Battlefield 3 released. Brave indeed.

Stealing cars via SMS
Security researchers have found a way to unlock the doors on specific models of cars via text message. This is worrying. Seeing as the kind of hackers that are making headlines seem to be growing in number and power daily, surely it’s only a matter of time before they’ve worked out how to remotely destroy your entire life. If this is where NFC tech is headed, we’re not all that keen.

Zodiac killer mystery solved?
Must be embarrassing if, in your work as a professional code cracker, you spend your entire career trying to figure out the key to the Zodiac Killer’s scrawls, only for some rank amateur to come along and claim he’s sorted it out in an afternoon. Is this what the killer’s ramblings actually meant? Err… we dunno.

“Yeah, I hate my landlord”
You may think you’ve got a pretty poor landlord. That crack in the window has been there for months, and the weird smell coming from the attic remains despite your tireless moaning. But you should probably be thankful that you’re not being spied on by a complex series of hidden cameras, like these girls…

Google thinks you should grow up

Outrage! Shock! Confusion! Just three of the many reactions to the fact that Google+ seemed to be deleting accounts at random earlier this week. It was all getting a bit emotional, until the big G finally revealed its reasoning: Your stupid nickname. Turns out that – as an anti-spam measure – Google only wants people using their real names, as opposed to things like CoolGuy0001, GeekZOMG and the like. Fascists!

Apple outs iPod Touch
Apple normally drums up a bit of hysteria before announcing a new product, so it was most unlike the FruitCorp to silently unveil a new, 3G-packing iPod Touch by just dumping it on one obscure corner of its site, this week. Odd behaviour or colossal mistake? We hope no one’s been fired.

And finally…

The Apple Store challenge
Speaking of Apple, have you ever noticed that you seem to be able to get away with doing whatever the hell you like in the Apple Stores? This guy has…