Weird News: Sims with Katy Perry and Scalextric mayhem

Plus: The Facebook bed and a Blackberry GameBoy

This week has been a retro-filled with oddly wonderful pieces of tech from the GameBoy BlackBerry to some Scalextric enthusiasts who have a need for speed

We have a glance over some of the bizarre bites of tech news to hit airwaves this week. As you might expect, there have been some real oddballs in the mix.

Blackberry gets Game Boy skin
We can’t help but feel a little nostalgic with this one. Thanks to the team over at Etsy, Blackberry owners can now disguise their device as an old-school Nintendo Game Boy. You remember – the one that needed 4 AA batteries to run. With every minute detail down to the signature “Dot matrix with stereo sound” displayed across the top of the screen, the case gives a nice retro flair to the device. Warning: Does not turn Blackberry into real Game Boy.

Soul Calibur gym workout
To celebrate the release of Soul Calibur V on February 3, London’s GYMBOX gyms are offering a new workout program with a twist. The new fitness event, starting January 19th, will give participants a cardio vascular workout using sword fighting techniques from the popular beat-em-up franchise. Choreographers, dressed as characters from the game, will be on hand to give demos at the event, which will continue to run every Wednesday night at 6:45pm throughout February.

Boxer briefs with iPhone pouch
The guys at Scottevest have combined travel and function with their new range of odour-proof SeV travel boxers, which sport a small pocket for storing your iPhone or other selected device. So the next time you leave home without your trousers, at least you’ll be able to phone work to explain why you’re running late. Fun fact: The underwear model on Scottevest’s site is none other than the company’s CEO, Scott Jordan.

Katy Perry immortalised in a computer game
Pop sensation Katy Perry is set to appear as a character in the upcoming Sims 3 Showtime PC expansion pack, which will be released March 2012. The new game will give players the ability to play as Katy Perry as well as obtaining Perry-themed décor for their virtual homes. The singer has been working with developers to help bring her style to the Sims universe, and will be personally appearing in the game’s upcoming marketing campaign.

Star Trek Door Chime
Scaling new heights of nerdiness, the team at Think Geek have come up with an unusual replacement for your standard door bell. The Star Trek door chime not only functions as a regular bell, but can detect movement and alerts you when someone is in the vicinity. It also makes a Star Trek-style “swoosh” noise whenever the door is opened. Awesome.

Facebook bed
Never miss an update again. The Facebook bed, officially named the Fbed, is the latest concept creation by designer Tomislav Zvonarić that means you can finally live, breath and sleep Facebook. Modelled on the social network’s 'F' logo, one end of the bed sports a designated seating area for the computer, with a bed at the other for when the busy day of commenting and poking is over. Equipped with cup holder, and quilt cover adorned with many of Facebook's featured icons

And finally...

Super speed scalextric track
And finally, here’s our favourite nugget of weirdness this week. A group of Finnish slot car enthusiasts have built the world’s fastest slot car race track, which carries the model vehicles around the circuit at incredible speeds. Although we’re impressed by the sheer velocity of it, the cars actually move so fast you can’t see them, making it difficult to determine who’s winning and who's trailing behind.. Check out the video below.