Weird News: iPhone goes 80s, The Daily goes gratis

Plus: How to win both $20,000 and a game of Halo

This week's more eccentric goings in the tech world...

Google accuses Bing of copying its search results
The search war is on. This week Google accused Bing of half-inching its search results, after some snooping revealed that random word searches such as ‘srjkgbesob’ were returning the same results on both services.

How to win at split-screen multiplayer
It’s an age-old problem… how can you get one up on your mates if they can see what you’re up to on your screen? Now, after several hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, we have the answer. Are you ready for this game changing device?

Awesome Call of Duty spoof is awesome
Epic Games, makers of the upcoming Bulletstorm, know how to make a game trailer. What they’ve done here is tacked one on to a pitch perfect spoof of the call of duty games – in itself a free four-minute long playable game. Watch the gameplay video at the above link.

The iPhone 80s-iser
Sick of your iPhone 4 being among the slimmest, sveltest, most monolithic smartphones on the planet? Yeah we can imagine. Time to upgrade it with an 80s style aesthetic. This phone bumper not only brings a huge amount of Gordon Gecko class to your Apple handset, it also stops the antenna death grip problems. Bonus.

The Daily gets hacked
iPad-only newspaper The Daily hasn’t stayed iPad only for very long. Due to a seemingly legal loophole, journalist Andy Baio has indexed and pasted its entire contents on a Tumblr page for free, ready for your reading pleasure. Just don’t tell Rupert Murdoch.

Angry Birds Rio
Rovio, who makes an unhealthy amount of money by selling you apps with suicidal birds, has just made a lot more money by signing a deal with Dreamworks to push their upcoming film. Angry Birds Rio will be a tie-in game for the film about parrots in the Brazillian city. Green pigs are unlikely to feature.

Google offers crims $20,000 dollars
Get your hacking boots on. Google has put the word out that its so proud of its Chrome browser, and so confident in its security, that it’ll give you the princely sum of $20,000 if you can break into its buttery seams and scoop out its brains.

The Brocial Network
The winner of satirical-film-spoof-that’s-out-just-in-time-for-the-Oscars-but-ages after-the-initial-film-release is…

And finally...

3D football. Well, kind of

Scourge of the playground and the odd office around the country we imagine, you can now do your swapsies with Topps Football Premier League 3D sticker collection. Packed with an old school pair of 3D specs, you can see what Steven Gerrard looks like if he was cast into a 70's 3D flick. You can find out more information on how to get your 3D sticker fix at