Weird News: iPhone 5 missing again, IBM makes lunch

Plus: Nike goes back to the future, makes everyone happy

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

HP Touchpad refuses to go quietly
Despite HP canning the TouchPad a few weeks ago, the tablet refuses to disappear into the night. An £86 price tag has seen whatever stock there is fly off the shelves in such a way as to make HP decide to knock out another 200,000 units. Fancy some dirt cheap tablet action? You’d best move to the States.

The XXX domain battle begins
After a lengthy wait, the doors to the .XXX domains have opened, causing a race for the big name companies to try and secure them before anything porn related opens up and tarnishes their good name. Otherwise hapless customers might stumble upon and find less laptops and more… well… we’ll leave the puns to you.

Nike Air Mags make us happy
It’s happened. After years of hoping and dreaming, Nike has finally poured some time into making the one pair of shoes that everyone’s always wanted: the Air Mags from Back to the Future. The iconic self-tightening shoes are only a limited run at the mo, but if you’re lucky you’ll able to pick up a pair as Nike auctions them off on eBay. Still no hoverboards, though. Sort it out.

The body antenna
A new system of tech clothing looks set to end soldiers’ signal woes when out in the field. By stitching a network of antennas into the fabric, the communication kit in the helmet can guarantee crystal clear reception from pretty much anywhere. If everyone had garb made out of this stuff, Apple’s iPhone 4 antennagate probably wouldn’t have been such big news.

The processor sandwich

According to the Daily Mail, IBM’s future lies in sandwiches. Or at least that’s how its tried to explain the next generation of processors to its readers. The plan is to employ new technology that’ll allow processors to be built up in layers, which will result in taller chips capable of shifting digital info 1000 quickerer and betterer than the current crop.

Yahoo just called, to say, you’re fired

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was given the sack this week after failing to turn the company’s fortunes around. Big ask. Nonetheless, the real hit of this juicy news fruit was that she wasn’t even given the decency of a proper dismissal. It did it over the phone. According to Bartz herself: 'These people f***ed me over.'

Invisibility tech becomes a reality
More military tech, coming this time in the form of Die Another Day-style invisible tanks. New technology swathed over the side of the behemoths can make them appear, in the eyes of heat-seeking cameras, to either take on the form of civilian vehicles or simply disappear altogether. All well and good, but it’s somewhat less convincing when you’re stood right in front of the thing.

And Finally…

Apple wants its iPhone 5 back
For the second year running, an iPhone prototype has gone missing in a bar. Apple’s not happy with whoever’s taken it. They want it back. They want it back right now…