Weird News: iPhone 4 add-on and USB Wedding ring

Plus: Steve Jobs 'alternative' press conference

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

We hand pick a few of the last 7 days’ weird, quirky and just plain funny tech happenings…

Unedited July 16th Conference video leaked..
Here at T3 we were equally as confused as you about the press conference Apple decided to hold in answer to antennagate. Luck has it though that we've found out why it was so puzzling, turns out, the version we saw was an 'edited' stream of the conference. Reliable news source has managed to get hold of the full, laid bare video; check it out.

Become the 'King' of embalmers!
Managed to fill your autograph book and your thinking, what more could I possibly want from a celebrity? How about the gear used to embalm them? That's right, you can now auction for the embalming equipment used during the post mortem of none other than Elvis Presley. Kept for years in a Memphis funeral home, the senior embalmer who kept the equipment is predicted to make nearly $12,000 from the auction. Not too shabby if you ask us.

iPhone 4 features 'laid bare'
On hearing that Steve Jobs latest phone would be vetoing apps of a 'adult' variety, there was no doubt a sigh of disappointment from a certain percentage of the Apple community. Fear not however, Asylum has found out that the delightful ladies at Suicide Girls have been going on a mission to put the iPhone 4 through its paces and see what it can do. Their results were scientific and intriguing "One unexpected feature is that when you point it at Rambo her boob pops out!". Good lord.

Wedding ring; compatible with USB 2.0
Ray Arifianto is one very lucky games developer, not only does he get to design games for Microsoft, but he also has a devoted wife that accepts his 'Geekism' to the max. To show her love and of course, overwhelming support of his profession she had a wedding ring made to look like a USB drive. Unfortunately it doesn't work, which is actually fair enough considering the logistics of having one, however it does have 'for a lifetime of memories' inscribed on the inside. Lifetime of memories? Brilliant.

Extra function button added to iPhone 4
Aaron Draczynski is a man blessed with not only a sense of humour, but business knowledge. After hearing the problems people were having with their iPhone 4's he decided to help. This however is help with a difference; much like the many 'plaster' style accessories that are being released to cover the antenna on the iPhone 4, Aarons concept comes with a sense of humour all for free, well actually not for free at all, more like $29.99. Its not been made yet, but if Aaron did think about dropping the price when he does make it its your very own oxymoron.

Zuckerberg goes all Groening...
Turns out even the A-list of the Geek world can't resist, they've had Tony Blair, the cast of Star Trek amongst many others, but now, the ruler of the world is to appear on everyones favourite cartoon. Facebooks founder Mark Zuckerberg will be appearing on the Simpsons, coming to a TV near you. However, his fame won't be ending there as the film 'The Social Network' comes out this year. It'll be spinning the yarn of Zuckerbergs rise to fame and now of course his impending court appearences after a friend claimed they deserved a percentage of the profits.