Weird News: Holy iPads, toilet tech and massive Tetris

Plus: Gaming gets nasty and Apple bans actual words

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days

Holy iPad!

We’re not sure on God Almighty’s feelings towards Apple. Each has its own following with similar levels of loyalty and devotedness, so are they rivals? Not according to ‘Father Gadget’, who has his iPad handy at all times to help spread the word of God. Religion? There’s an app for that…

SEGA’s hopes go down the toilet
Mad Japanese thing of the week: SEGA Toylets. Rather than entering back into the console frey, SEGA’s been busy building games machines designed to sit in the base of urinals. The aim? To help you aim, of course. The device is shoved into pub toilets and reads your, erm, ‘accuracy’.

Duke Nukem Never
You’re promoting a game that’s been 15 years in the making, and suddenly scores of poor reviews start hitting the media. What do you do? Act out of ‘pure emotion’ and have a Twitter hissy-fit, of course. …And then immediately get sacked for your bizarre lack of professionalism.

Unfortunately not
The guidebook for Apple Store employees has been leaked, and contains an unsurprising level of psychological manipulation. Apparently, store staff members aren’t allowed to say ‘Unfortunately’. ‘As it turns out’ is more appropriate. As in: ‘As it turns out, your iPhone isn’t compatible with this version of iOS.’ They’re also not allowed to correct people’s mispronunciation of Apple kit as it’s deemed patronising. But then, if you pronounce ‘iPod’ wrong, you probably deserve to be spoken down to.

The $1.2million iPad
Whenever Apple brings out something new, a ridiculous Stuart Hughes bling-encrusted version is never too far behind. This time it’s the iPad 2, which has been swathed in gold and encrusted with diamonds. Price to you? A mere £731,172. That’s a bargain, if you ask us, although the gold may, ‘as it turns out’, make Apple’s claims that the iPad 2 is significantly lighter than its predecessor slightly redundant.

Tetris: The enormous edition
When Tetris landed on the original Game Boy it did so on a tiny grey-scale display with meagre 8-bit graphics. Fast-forward twenty-odd years and you’ll be able to find it on TV’s around the 50-inch mark packing vivid colour and more tech than the ship that took a man to the moon. In other words: Samsung’s Smart TVs have landed, and the selling point is currently a game from the late 1980s.

Popular thing is popular
Last week Google unveiled one of its most innovative and successful ever logo doodles. The Les Paul inspired playable guitar strings were an instant hit. When it was removed the next day a collective moan went out so large that Google was forced to find a permanent home for it. That’s people-power for you. Or, more specifically, people-moaning-about-an-irreverent-noise-machine-power.

And finally…

Sony goes cinematic

How would you launch an iPad rival? Obviously you’d make an incredibly cinematic video ad that in no way explains what the product is capable of. Launching two iPad rivals? Same rule applies: