Weird News: Google's secret blacklist, crazy scary people

Plus: Next does own-brand tablet, Samus strips off

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days:

Next offers low-cost tablet
High street brand Next, best known for polo shirts, coats and the like, is selling its own tablet computer. Pretty baffling stuff, but the could the company's low-spec, low-cost approach actually work for casual buyers?

The UK's first next-gen broadband going to... Cornwall
Call us narrow minded if you must, but this confused us somewhat; Cornwall isn't the first place we'd build a super powered internet network. Cue 'surfing' the web jokes aplenty

Google Instant: Not so instant
That is, of course, if you're being naughty. Turns out Google uses a crafty blacklist of words associated with the grimier corners of the interwebs, to stop innocent passersby being accidentially exposed to the nasty stuff like porn and certain notorious videos.

Samus Aran doing burlesque
Not something you necessarily expect to see every day, but now we seems so right. Pay atention, Nintendo. This is how it should be done.

Woman drives 200 miles to kill a guy who was mean to her online
This is absolutely terrifying. From now on, T3 promises to be very, very nice to everyone online. Forever.

Android robot becomes self-aware, enslaves mankind
Alright, not true. It did hobble around an expo for a few days though. It's the mark of a successful company when you can afford to have a little robot built of your mascot, as Google's Android duly proves.

Mark Zuckerberg has some money
£4.4 billion, to be precise. The social netowrking king, who's about to be immortalised in film (see the trailer below), now has more monies than Apple's Steve Jobs. And he's probably younger than you.