Weird News: Google's human monorail and robots for kids

Physical keyboard for tablets and Nokia's electronic skin

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

Google invests in a human-powered monorail

Google has put money into this wacky system after pledging to “drive innovation in public transport”. What we wonder is what happens if you get tired halfway round? That could be one huge monorail traffic jam.

Walking robot made for and operated by kids

Can you imagine a 5 year old being in control of a sizeable walking robot? Well the people who created this did. We can only watch in envy as these nippers get to stomp around like Transformers. Owning one of these creations is surely a fast track to being the most popular kid in school?

Worlds most disgusting phone charger

Granted, technology is supposed to be innovative and creative but this is just too far. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘battery life’.

Clever manual keyboard for the back of your tablet

As amazing as touchscreen typing is it can also be a pain, especially for the heavy-handed type. This keyboard is a clever way of dealing with touch-type annoyances, and it looks quite cool too.

Legs toasted by laptops

Surely if your legs were being badly burnt by your laptop, you’d just move it? Obviously not!

Phone signal in NYC subways?

People in cities all over the world will no doubt be rejoicing at the idea of network connection whilst on underground public transport. It could be a great thing, or it could mean those idiots who have to shout when they’re on the phone and talk absolute rubbish are locked in a confined space with you.

Nokia involved in creating electronic second skin

Yes it would look a bit weird if everyone walked around wearing an electronic rubber-like second skin over their bodies, but think of the possibilities!

Sony touting 16.4-Meg camera for phone

A 16.4-Meg camera would be pretty impressive for a phone, but the idea of the camera sensor being 7.9mm alone is not. Still, if anyone can do camera phones well it’s Sony.

Student finds FBI GPS tracker stuck to his car

This must have been a surprising and somewhat unnerving find, having your every moved traced by the FBI isn’t at the top of anyone’s wish list. But hey, at least he’ll have a good anecdote to tell at parties.