Weird News: Google horseboy and ultimate Glasto tents

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Plus: Nike's interactive LED skyscraper screen and an underwater yacht

If there’s a better way of spreading our World Cup rage we don’t want to know
Nike has plonked up an absolute behemoth of an interactive LED screen on a skyscraper in Johannesburg. The screen shares Facebook messages and Tweets, then links in a clip related to the content of your comment. Essentially magic, yes. It remains to be seen whether the likes of "Heskey you buffoon, my two-month old daughter could’ve scored that" would make it onto the ‘scraper screen, but if you’ve got anything nice to say, why not give it a blast?

Stop swearing on the interweb you flipping nincompoop
Some sensible souls have created some pretty unpleasant online potty-mouth prevention in the form of a noxious fume-releasing USB device. Drop a curse on the web and this little terror will blow your socks off with a timely burst of stink. Time to clean up your act, sonny jim, or you will indeed end up smelling as dirty as the words you type.

Turn Glastonbury to gold with a £50,000 tent
No, really. It hangs from a tree and everything. Which is admittedly of little use in an entirely tree-less Glasto field, but it looks like fun. The six-in-one pop up play kit would probably be more in our price range though. And it’s got flags on top! Sold.

Reading robot upgraded to look so real even his metal face won’t give him away
Ninomiya-kun has reared his funny little tin head once more, and can now nod as he reads. The human resemblance is uncanny.

Atlantis becomes a realistic summer holiday destination, at last
Well, about blummin’ time. Jeeves, gather the army of servants, we’re going for a ride in the Undersea Yacht. This submarine for rich folk looks ridiculous. Ridiculously blinking brilliant that is.

Vending machines with enough touchscreen to rot your eyes
Coke has decided that vending machines in Japan just aren’t fun enough gosh darn it, so to combat this, they’re unleashing 46-inch touchscreen vending machines across the land. Those displays are just about big enough to make your eyes clap out before the bevvy gets to work on your teeth. And to think we’re still stuck here using buttons like suckers.

UV-based germicide for mobile phones, or just wash your hands
Violight have gone ultraviolent on your gadgets with a mobile germ zapper. Did we mention that it'll set you back £34? Yikes. If you’re really that concerned about the dirt on your device, you should probably just start washing your hands a bit more often seeing as it’s your dirty digits that are filthing it up. You mucky pup.

See a Street View car? Do this (if you’re a ruddy lunatic)
If you knew the Google car was about to come meandering through your area, what would you do? You’d whack a cheap horse mask on, stand alone in the street and look utterly terrifying, of course.

Who needs a real iPad anyway?
Some champs in China have released the Android-powered iPed, which is, yep, you guessed it, an iPad lookalike. You can get your hands on one of these badboys for £70. Oh, and only if you go all the way to Shenzhen, China. Worth it? Maybe not.