Weird News: Giant Smurfs and Arcade urinals

Plus: The world's largest iPod dock?

It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time to take a quick look over the more eccentric side of tech’s last seven days. Here's what won't be on the front pages...

We have another look at some of the weirder stories that graced the internet over the past 7 days that you probably didn’t see.

World's largest iPod dock?
Behringer have come up with a humongous 8ft x 4ft speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Despite looking like someone made a slight miscalculation in the development stages it's not half bad to look at. Did we mention it's also huge, and for $30,000 around £19,191 you too can purchase one and fall out with the neighbours, but who cares right, at least you have concert quality sound, 1000 watt power in your home.

Arcade urinals make for ultimate male toilet
Exibit Bar in Balham South London have made their gents facilities a more interesting experience by installing the world’s first video game controlled by non other than urine. The term aim and fire holds now a new meaning. You will start to see men going to the loo in pairs.

Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger
Crossing the line between taste and 'art' Japanese media designer Mio I-Zawa has come up with a iPhone charger that looks like an umbilical cord. Now we know when you misplace your phone it feels like a part of you is missing but this might be taking that bond just a little too far.

World's most expensive mouse?
A mouse is quite an important part of your computer, however is it that important that you would be willing to spend £16,200 for it? This expensive device comes in yellow, red or white gold with black or white trim, oh, and it's covered in diamonds.

Plate App
A Japanese blogger came up with an app called iDish. This app enables you to have images of several plates on your iPad depending on what you are eating, so that you can put your meal on… yes that's right, your iPad. Not like Apple's wonder tablet is expens...oh wait.

Giant Smurfs in London
To promote the launch of the Smurfs Movie on Blu-ray and DVD the Smurfs appeared at Tower Bridge on the 5th December. We know that Hollywood likes to do everything big, but aren’t Smurfs meant to be small? A 40-foot Papa Smurf stood for people to have their picture taken.

And finally...

Old Tech plays the House of the Rising Sun