Weird News: Giant Pacman, Tiny TVs, minimal Star Wars

Plus: Justin Bieber gets taken down, kicks it in the back seat

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Samsung gets into gaming?
…Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped one plucky designer from spilling his conceptual guts out on this rather NGP-looking machine. According to the designer, the Samsung HD3 would run Android, sport the Galaxy UI and blow anything Sony can do out of the water. Sound too weird? Well, remember that people laughed at both Sony and Microsoft when they got into gaming.

Dollhouse TV
No, we’re not talking about the cancelled Joss Whedon show. This here, is the world’s smallest working TV, fit for either Barbie or Action man’s dream condo/nuclear base. The detail is undeniably impressive, but don’t be fooled; this TV isn’t actually a TV; It doesn’t pick up a Freeview signal. Rather it’ll play anything you load onto its 2GB flash memory

Empire Strikes Back to basics
Some people’s undying Star Wars love is scary. Some people are so enamoured with the films that they’re able to overlook the three recent abominations (films so bad that Ewan McGreggor refuses to talk about them) and plans to sour everything with 3D. This fan, for instance, has spent a presumably large chunk of his free time turning the first two films form the original trilogy into basic infographics. In fairness, they are amazing.

Justin Bieber gets down on Friday
It was always going to take something special to topple Bieber’s Youtube reign; the teenpop money factory has a Youtube Channel garnering over 100 million views. But then along came Rebecca Black, who enjoys kicking in both the front and back seats of cars, eating cereal and, indeed, getting down on Friday…

The White House lives in the 80s
According to Barrack Obama, the most powerful man in the known universe, the computers and tech in the White House aren’t up to muster. Speaking recently, the US Prez claimed that the government’s computers are “30 years behind.” Probably not the best thing you want to reveal to enemies. If they’ve got iPads your in a world of trouble.

.XXX domain names go live
The day you’ve been waiting for has dawned. Registered domains have gone live for adult sites baring the .XXX suffix. What this means is that .XXX will become the web’s red light district, which in the process should leave .COMsville a cleaner, more family friendly place.

Put. The controller. Down
You know the problem: you want to rob your local convenience store, but you don’t have a scary enough weapon to do so in a threatening enough manner. The solution? Whip out your Dual-shock PS3 controller. If the chap behind the till’s old enough he may just think it’s some kind of space-aged doomsday device. …Especially when it rumbles. Someone’s been playing too much Heavy Rain.

Our treat for you for the day, this. It’s built to show off the power of IE9, but if you can ignore the promotional bit then there’s an aeon of PacMan to play. The level is enormous; a veritable labyrinthine landscape of nought but ghosts, corridors and yellow food. Enjoy.