Weird News: Giant iPhone costume, time traveller found

Plus: Life on Mars and robot football...

This week's more eccentric tech happenings, in association with

Man creates giant working iPhone costume
Original Halloween costumes are all the rage at the moment but one fanatic has taken his love for iPhones to a new level. John Savio has made himself a giant iPhone costume that actually works like the real thing. Maybe that’s because it’s connected to the real thing...

Handy inventions created by famous people
A surprise is in store, in fact five of them, as revelation strikes that several famous people were responsible for creating some of the world's biggest inventions. From Scuba gear to soft-serve ice cream, check out who’s done what.

Time traveller or director spoof?
A member of the public identified what looks like a woman on a mobile phone in footage from a Charlie Chaplin film. Could this be evidence of time travel, or just an example of crazy people talking to their hands? You decide

Fancy some music with your Pizza?
Pizza Express has began installing iPod docks and sound proof domes in their restaurants. Customers can have a personalised musical experience, allowing them to play their own music and change the lighting in their dome.

Has life on Mars finally been discovered?
NASA has captured pictures of one of their rovers getting stuck in mud on the planet Mars’ surface. The fact that a water based substance exists gives scientists reason to believe that there could be life. Surely with all that empty space you'd think they'd be able to drive around puddles.

Mohican the Robot Bee Slayer
A man in Japan has created the first humanoid robot with the ability to kill wasps. At last. Able to climb ladders and impervious to stings (we didn’t know other robots weren't) the Mohican will sort out all of your insect issues with gusto.

UK trains robot football team
Although the World Cup is finished and England’s chance of winning gone, we might be able to redeem ourselves in the first ever Robot Football World Cup. That’s right, the UK are putting together a team of miniature robots that could still beat Rooney in a game of one-on-one.