Weird News: Gameboy dresses and Lego in Space

Plus: Tiny batteries and how we used to see the internet

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last 7 days

Radio-Controlled model truck saves lives
A Traxxis Stampede radio-controlled truck with a wireless camera attached to its roof has inadvertently saved the life of 6 Soldiers in Afghanistan after it got tangled in a trip wire which led to 500lbs of explosives. This little gadget can travel faster than the trucks the soldiers operate, and this one has found 4 IEDs since they got it.

Game Boy strapless dress exists
Look at it! Just look at the thing! Is that not the weirdest clothing thing you’ve seen this year? And why is the model staring so vacantly into nothingness? Perhaps she’s questioning her decisions in life? Apparel line HereandThereVintage has designed this little 'retro' number, which is retailing at a highly reasonable $70. We’re not exactly sure who would feel comfortable wearing this in public. Are grey and brown ‘in’ this season?

Turn your 'glitter into litter'
If it seems too bizarre to be true, it normally is. Cats4gold launched this week, tricking an increasing number of Brits into thinking that they can actually swap their gold for real life cats. The website claims that its exchange rate cannot be beaten anywhere else...well, it is the only website that offers cats as payment, after all. That CGI Meer Kat has a lot to answer for.

Mini Lego figures on board spacecraft to Jupiter
Three 1.5 inch Legonauts modelled on Galileo Galilei, the Roman god Jupiter and his wife Juno are journeying to Jupiter on NASA’s Juno Spacecraft. These commissioned Aluminium figures cost a whopping $15,000, and will not arrive at Jupiter until 2016, at which point you will have completely forgotten that you ever read this. But, nonetheless, you read it here first.

World's smallest battery
Researchers at Rice University (yep – it’s a real place) have created a battery 60,000 times smaller than a single AAA battery, which will be used to power miniature electronic devices. This invention will probably have an impact on the size of our beloved tech, making them thinner and smaller then ever. Even if you do end up having to charge them every 8 minutes.

Wine tasting robot
This curious invention from Barcelona University has the ability to identify different types of sparking wines based on their sugar content through a sensor system and mathematical algorithm. It’s thought that this gadget’s main use will be detecting defects during the wine-making process, meaning we may start seeing a few more sommeliers down the job centre. Good to know that this is where tax money ends up.

And finally…

MTV tries to describe this new 'internet' thing
This is how you explain the internet to generation X. What the hell is a ‘virtual truck stop?’ Is T3 one? We need to rethink our mission statement if so. The coffee here is terrible.