Weird News: Flying iPhones and the robot World Cup

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Plus: iBeard and The Daily Fail

It may not be so good on the call front, but by heck, that phone can fly
At least we now know what Jobsy and pals put the majority of their effort into – making sure the iPhone 4 could withstand a good old-fashioned helium balloon flight. Who needs to be able to make a phonecall when you can blast your handset a thousand feet into the sky and capture it all in beauteous HD?

Forget football, the robot World Cup is where England’s best shot at glory lies
Considering how good Craig Charles and co. used to be at causing all manner of robot ruckus week after week, we’d say this proud nation would have a fairly good chance of being champions of the robot tourney. If we’re losing, our robotic Rooneys can just flamethrower the little metal faces right off the opposition, Robot Wars-stylee. Even tactical ineptitude and gross overpayment can’t stop us this time!

iBeard genius shows paintbrushes are for suckers
What a talented fellow. Good to see iPad’s Brushes app being put to such staggeringly good use. Whatever you do, don’t tell him he could’ve saved himself £430 if only he’d popped into the art section of Smiths’ though.

The Daily Fail strikes again after monumentally missing the point
Pretty impressive blunder when you consider that three tweets below lies the gem: ‘Just FaceTimed my wife. If you know what I mean.’ The 'Of course this is a parody account' side note kinda gives it away too. In fact, the only way it could've been made any clearer is if a King Kong-sized Steve Jobs clubbed The Daily Mail about the head with an Empire State Building-sized iPhone 4, screaming 'It's a fake account, you flipping imbecile'.

Facebook will find your face in a photo?
Supposedly, face detection technology will be jammed in to FB to pick out faces in photos. We’d like to see it try, given the wonderfully odd shape of our compadres’ mugs.

Futurama hits a ruddy big nail on its ruddy big head
Whammo. Oh, it hurts because it’s so very true. Chuckling and crying: total winning combo. Come to think of it, more iPhone 4 stock is supposedly arriving in stores across the land this weekend - anyone started queuing again yet?

Filth o’clock all day, everyday
Apparently, as of the first quarter of this year, nigh on 40% of the internet is made up of porn. Which is always handy to know.

Old timer busts a move and possibly a hip on the way to going global
Reminds us of the time we watched our 80-something grandparents dancing to Xtina’s Dirrty. This Gaga old gent is potentially a friend of theirs.