Weird News: Facebook break ups, Invisiblity cloaks

Plus: Useless robots and Online Murder Mysteries...

This week's more eccentric tech happenings, in association with

Driver multitasks with book, Kindle and phone

For any women out there who doubt that a man can multitask, this video is for you. An American man was spotted driving down the highway while reading a book, using his Kindle and talking on the phone, all at the same time. This is massively dangerous, mind.

6 completely useless robots

If you think that scientists spend most of their time creating helpful gadgets, androids and gizmos then you’re mistaken, as these videos prove that some people really do have too much time on their hands. From a robo-ballet to a box that folds up t-shirts, these 6 robots have no real use other than to entertain us.

The fastest rollercoaster in the world
Are you a speed demon? Enjoy the thrill and adrenaline of a rollercoaster? Yes? Then we’ve got the perfect thing for you. The 150mp Abu Dhabi Ferrari rollercoaster (A.K.A ‘Formula Rossa’) is said to be the fastest one in the world. Terrifying.

The best video game bars
Have you ever been to a bar dedicated solely to video games? No? It's about time you did. Here’s a guide to some of the best video game bars in the States, just in case you’re travelling and have some spare time/loose change. Don’t forget a passion for drinking and games is a must if you’re going to visit.

Murder Mystery strikes online
Do you remember those old Murder Mystery dinner parties where you dress up and try to figure out who was the murderer? Well the original creator Joy Swift is launching her next mystery online, so check out the website and try to solve the murder.

Facebook predicts when you’re going to break up
According to information gathered about its 500 billion users' relationships, Facebook now know when you’re most likely to get dumped. How accurate is it though? It's one prediction we wouldn’t pay for, that’s for sure.

Invisibility cloak almost possible
The famous invisibility cloak from Harry Potter might not remain fantasy for much longer. Scientists have created a metameterial that will help towards the development of a substance with complete invisibility function. Well at least they didn’t spend their time making robots that imitate statues.

And finally: It's not tech but...

Sean Connery nude painting found
Before Connery became bond he was 00nude. An old oil painting of a nude Sean Connery that was made in 1951 has surfaced. Before his acting career took off he earned money by posing as a nude model. Well this will certainly have the ladies shaken and stirred.