Weird news: Driverless cars and terrifying singing robot

Plus: Can you trademark a sentence? Apple thinks so

Never let it be said that tech is boring; here's the weirder side of the last seven days, in association with Asylum

£5 million iPhone unveiled

Every time a new Apple product is released we at T3 receive a press release from Mr Stuart Hughes proclaiming that he’s swathed it in gold and is willing to charge lots of money for it. This time he’s outdone himself in terms of through-the-roof pricing…

Google’s driverless cars
Google thinks driverless cars are a real possibility, and has pumped some serious cash into a motor capable of nipping about town by itself. Cue an overly American news report on how the future is now and how we’ll all be living on the moon next month.

Apple trademarks a sentence
It’s not quite as catchy as McDonalds’ “Ba-ba-dap-ba-baa, I’m Lovin’ It,” but Apple has put the legal lockdown on its iPhone idiom “There’s an app for that.” Do we have to pay them for writing it just there? … Intellectual Properties are a minefield.

The Lego Wiimote
We know what you’ve been thinking: You like your Wii, but wish – somehow – that it could be combined with the timeless awesomeness of Lego. Seems your problems are over, T3 reader. Is there anything that can’t be made out of Lego? We think not.

Apple anti-sexting patent filed
One for the celebrities and the habitually unfaithful, this: Apple has filed a patent for an app that blocks incoming messages if they’re too lewd. The company claims it’s to protect the wee bairns, but it’ll presumably also help cheating spouses out no end.

Stephen Fry praises Microsoft
Bastion of all things Apple and all round national treasure, Stephen Fry, popped in to the T3 Gadget Awards on Monday to bestow his approval and opinions on the tech world at large. We grabbed him afterwards for a surprisingly Microsoft-loving chat.

Facebook de-friending reasons unveiled
If your friend count has suddenly taken a nose dive, you might want to give this a read. A report has revealed that the number one reason why people abandon your lovely floaty Facebook ship is annoying, pointless over-posting…

Singing robot sings
Roboticians (Note: not a real word) reckon they’ve taught this robot how to sing, by mimicking a real vocalists mouth and facial movements. Seems more like an iPod dock with a wobbly head than an actual ‘singing’ robot to us, mind: