Weird News: Controversial apps and pricey app machines

Plus: Bigfoot lives, Android dances. Both look weird

A look at the more eccentric side of tech world's last seven days

That nonsensical collection of letters, along with the likes of ‘LOL’ and even the utterly ridiculous ‘<3’ have now entered the hallowed pages of the Oxford English Dictionary, which is a clear signpost that mankind is sliding ever further backwards along the evolutionary scale. Wel dun every1.

Air Smartphone
Of all the things to focus on when improving air travel, we’d say that the quality of the onboard phone is pretty low on the list. Aircell begs to differ, though – it’s pumping its cash not into improving the in-flight meals, but into the quality of the telephones onboard. Now business class flyers on selected flights can call their uninterested friends via touchscreen, which will no doubt profoundly change their sad little lives forever.

Duke Nukem (is taking) Forever
The game that’s been through a more prolonged phase of development hell than every project from Grand Designs put together is almost upon us. Except it’s not. Well, it is, but it’s going to take a while longer. We’ll leave it to the developers to explain…

Controversial app is controversial
Apple’s usually tight bad app net let a rather large fish through this week. When a controversial and wildly homophobic ‘Gay Cure’ app got approved for the App Store, the world – quite rightly - threw its hands up in disgust, prompting its swift removal. Doing something bad and then undoing it is the same as not doing something bad in the first place, right Apple?

£5 million iPad 2
At the time of writing (March 25th), there are hundreds of bloodthirsty Apple fanbois wasting precious hours of their short lives queuing up at Apple stores around the country. What are they after? The iPad 2, of course. Presumably, they’re all there because they don’t much fancy the Gold History Edition – a hitherto unmathed exercise in gaudiness that smatters Apple’s tablet in gold and T-Rex thigh bone. Cost to you? A mere £5 million.

Do the robot
You know when you see something that your brain can’t quite work out? Something that you think you understand, but there’s an alien element of surreal, physics-defying mystery about it? This video is one of those things. We think the thing inside the costume is a human, but we’ve never seen a human manage to move in such a way. Put simply: Android got skillz.

And finally…

Bigfoot spied

We know this isn’t tech related, but we thought we’d better bring you this slice of madness from the States, in which something blurry does something indecipherable for about 5 seconds. …Which the videographer then claims is indisputable proof of Bigfoot…