Weird News: Commodore returns and F-35 ejector seat

Plus: Old woman takes down the internet. In Armenia...

A look at the more eccentric side of tech world's last seven days

Commodore 64 returns

Filling a legion of gaming fans with enough gaming nostalgia to last an entire year, Commodore USA is bringing the C64 back to life with a modern twist. Essentially working like a Windows PC, you'll find most of the design elements intact from the iconic 80's gaming machine, with enough of a processor punch to carry out your usual computing tasks. An in-built Commodore emulator may also convince you to part with your cash when it arrives in June.

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F-35 ejector seat take-off

Giving us a glimpse into the future of how to scarper from a F-35 stealth fighter plane, video footage of a new ejector seat has been released with spectacular results. The joint US-European attack aircraft venture is currently going through a series of tests which include hurtling the ejector seat while travelling down a test track at an excess of 600mph. You can see exactly what that looks like by watching the video below.

Milton Keynes: Slowest broadband town around

Bad news if you live in the Buckinghamshire town and want to get in some serious internet action, after it was revealed that Milton Keynes has the slowest UK broadband speeds in the country. Comparison site carried out the research which suggested that the town famous for its roundabouts has around 45 per cent slower broadband than the national average UK's 3G hotspot towns and cites. So another reason to uproot then...

Wanted: Naked coders

Bucks is back in the headlines and if you're quite comfortable to walk around in your Birthday suit, you could be interested in a series of vacancies currently advertised by web software developer Nude House. The company is currently on the look out for female coders and sales staff of any gender willing to work in the office buck (ahem) naked. If you are interested, you can look forward to an office setting with warm temperatures, showers and a collection hamper for soiled sitting material. Nice...

Old woman takes down the internet

You'd think it would take more than just a spade to cut an entire nation off from the world wide web, but that is exactly what happened in Armenia after a 75-year old Georgian woman took down internet access while digging for copper. Cutting internet access in neighbouring Armenia for around 12 hours, the woman now dubbed the 'spade hacker' could face imprisonment for her digging antics. Hackers take note..

Once you've soaked up all that weird news, you can check out the video below for our round-up of the biggest tech stories to make the headlines this week.

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