Weird News: CoD: MW3 Jeep and prison robots

Plus: Dress like a videogame character day..

It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time to take a quick look over the more eccentric side of tech’s last seven days. Here's what won't be on the front pages...

We have another look at some of the weirder stories that graced the internet over the past 7 days that you probably didn’t see.

COD Jeep
Jeep has decided to continue their recent trend of recreating the 4x4s featured in the Call of Duty games. The 2012 Jeep Wrangler features logos embroidered in the seats, the carpet and they even appear on the dashboard instruments. Jeep claim that this is not just the toughest vehicle in the world, but that it’s the toughest in any world.

Lego MW3
Keeping with the CoD theme, the guys over at Kooberz Studios have decided to bring a touch of the wonderful world of Lego to the franchise. They’ve recreated the trailer for MW3 in stop motion animation pretty much frame for frame. Whilst we think this is possibly one of the coolest things to happen this year, it is hard to take yellow Lego people seriously.

Prison Robots
South Korea has decided to invest in creating robot prison guards. Yes, that's right, robot prison guards. A trial will be taking place at a prison in Pohang, southeast of Seoul in March next year. Around $850000 has been spent on the robotic guards which will mainly be used at night to patrol the prison, looking for any suspicious behaviour.

Dress like a video game character
In celebration of 17 years since the first PlayStation console was released in Japan, gaming fans in the UK will be able to don their favourite gaming character costumes and parade around during their daily business. The scheme, which will be launched as the first ‘National Dress like a Videogame Character Day’ has been conceived by gaming comparison website We can’t think of what we’d dress up as. Can you?

Personal bodyguard in COD
A peculiar advert on a website that allows people to offer any service for £5 has emerged. ‘TobySmith’ is advertising 30 minutes of his time to be your personal bodyguard on most FPS titles for Xbox 360. He claims he will stay by your side the entire time, fight for you and keep away enemies; he goes as far as saying he will sacrifice his own life to save yours. What a gent.

Riot Police Called to Phone Launch
A new phone launch should be a hassle free thing. However that wasn’t the case for RIM’s launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The phone was being sold for 50% off the £349 price tag for the first 1000 customers. However when the 3000 strong crowd found out the phone had sold out they went crazy, even causing some people to be crushed.

Terminator Vision
The University of Washington and Aalto University in Finland have been working together to develop a prototype contact lens which can project information onto the retina, which will then be visible by the wearer. The experimental lenses use antenna that harvest power from an external device along with an integrated circuit which stores energy. This then transfers data to a transparent sapphire chip containing a single blue LED.

And finally...

In a impressive moment of brilliance a tech-company has managed to make a genuinely funny advert that pokes fun at a rival. Samsung's Galaxy S2 pokes fun at the cult following Apple products seem to have, it'll either have you outraged or laughing a very sly chuckle.