Weird News: Cheat spotting shin pads & London Mayor on Twitter

Plus Stove controlled by your iPhone, B&O 85-inch TV

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech.

Cheat-Spotting Shin-Pads

We've lost count of the number times we’ve yelled at the TV screen “he ‘ardly touched you, get up!” when watching a top-flight football match. With these shin-pads we might be shouting only when it goes against Liverpool. They are designed to detect contact made, giving an immediate response to whether the player was touched or if they were re-enacting Patrick Vieira (YouTube link).

85-inch B&O TV sold for $85,000

Bang & Olufsen’s 85-inch screen sold for a massive $85,000…for you out there who aren’t super-keen mathematicians that's a stunning one grand per inch.

Boris Johnson holds Q&A over Twitter

Twitter-mania is well and truly here, with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, hosting an impromptu Twitter question and answer session.

AGA Stove is modernised

The traditional AGA cooker has had a re-work with the latest model including on-the-go control; allowing you to control the stove via an app on your smartphone, putting an end to the panicky thought, “did I turn the oven off?”

Customisable Keyboard

Sporting jazzy, fluorescent colours this Keyless Keyboard comes with an added extra; you can re-arrange the placement of the “keys” making it meet your demands – be it if you’re a lefty, want a number pad, or if you want to swipe rather than tap.