Weird News: C3P0 swimwear and CGI squirrels...

Plus: Wikileaks gets the Japanimation news treatment

This week's more eccentric tech happenings, in association with

The C3P0 bikini
Star Wars merchandise cannot be stopped. It is self-aware, and has seeped into every perceivable facet of culture. The latest in the long line is swimwear, with a range of C3P0 and R2-D2 ladies aqua-garments. We’re not sure if any of the she-geeks buying these will look quite as good as the models, though.

Augmented reality T-shirts
Probably the best thing we’ve seen this week, this. Order yourself one of these swish AR T-shirts, don it in front of your webcam, visit the site and you’ll be treated to a bespoke video experience that stick to the screen on the shirt. It’s this kind of stuff that the web was invented for.

Tron 3D star doesn’t like 3D
Olivia Wilde, who stars in the new Tron: Legacy film, has spoken to T3 for this month’s Big Read, and let slip that she’s not the biggest fan of 3D in cinema. This probably wouldn’t be an issue, if it weren’t for the fact that the young lady is the star of a film shot almost entirely in 3D.

Crotchless pants – available now
We know exactly what you want for Christmas. It isn’t a new phone, camera, console or TV; it’s a pair of briefs with a hole through which your gentlemen’s bits doth dangle. Hang on… hear us out: science says that your outer regions need to stay cool, so there is method to the madness. Honest.

Scientists play dress up
Got a baby Panda? Yeah, thought so. If you want it to pay you the kind of respect that it would give an actual panda, scientists now – after years of research – have the anser: Dress up like a panda. It’s that kind of revolutionary thinking that’s keeping the species alive.

CGI squirrel quells alcoholism
Think public service announcements and you’ll probably think of those harrowing Think! campaigns about the perils of responsible drinking. Russia’s got a similar thing – only with a mental squirrel. As you do. Still, watching it probably won’t make you want a drink.

And finally…

The Wikileaks fiasco gets the Japanimation treatment

Nary a news story sneaks through these days without suffering a crude CGI makeover. There’s not a lot we can say about this, other than that it exists…