Weird News: Apple trainers and the tin-man Ironman

Stevie Wonder thanks Steve Jobs mid-gig

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last 7 days

Apple trainers
The wonderful world of weird fake Apple stuff is a burgeoning one. The other week we brought you news of a fake Apple Store that’d been set up in China, and now – from the same country – shots have emerged of Converse-style sneaks baring the Apple logo. Quite what kind of legal hellstorm is about to rain upon whoever’s shifting these remains to be seen, but lets just say that they’re probably se tot become a collectors item.

Star Wars Origami
Star Wars merchandise mania is back again, thanks to the release of the complete saga on special edition Blu-Ray. You can even nab yourself a Star Wars notepad, as is excellently advertised in the origami TIE fighter clip linked above. We approve.

The thief-proof bike lock
Anyone who’s ever had some industrious tea-leaf bike away with their precious two-wheeled speed machine will know that sometimes locks just aren’t tough enough. Enter Andrew Leinonen, who’s designed a lock made up of the forks of the actual bike. Break the lock? You’ve broken the bike. Thanks for playing.

Wooden Sega Saturn
If you’re going to completely mod a console beyond all recognition and replace the casing with nothing but some fine wood, which console would you choose? Something current like the PS3 or Xbox 360? Or something classic like the Mega Drive? Modder Ben Heck has gone for neither option, instead he’s swathed in wood one of the biggest console failures of all time, the Sega Saturn. Each to their own.

Thinnest smartphone battle heats up

The ultimate smartphone pissing contest that is thinness has been a bit back and forth this week. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been running around telling everyone that it’s the most waiflike in town, but the advertising standards agency begs to differ, claiming that its bulges are bigger than those on the iPhone 4. Bet you can sleep tonight now you know that.

Ironman does the Ironman

Your days are numbered, humans. The Japanese have made a little tiny robot that’s so capable at running, biking and swimming, that they’ve entered it in an Ironman race. For those not in the know, the event is a 230km slog. Given that the bot’s about as big as tell as a biro, they’ve got the pools open at a finisheing time somewhere round the 168 hour mark.

Stevie Wonder, he likes Apple
Musicians often give shout-outs to people at gigs, but it’s rare that the person mentioned is anyone other than a friend, lover, producer or fellow star. Stevie Wonder’s different to most singers, though. In this clip, he takes a moment mid-gig to thank none other than Steve Jobs, citing that ‘there’s nothing you can do on an iPhone or iPad that I can’t.’ Bold claim, but fair enough.

And Finally…

The biggest unboxing of the year
We like it when an attempt at viral marketing gets it right, because it’s rare. This ad for the Toyota Yaris ain’t rude, racey, sweary or loud, but it is clever – simply because it taps into the zeitgeist of tech unboxings perfectly…