Weird News: Apple iWatch and Google's mystifying balls

The more eccentric side of tech's last seven days

Never let it be said that technology is boring...

We hand pick a few of the last 7 days’ weird, quirky and just plain funny tech happenings…

Nokia CEO leaves
When a company struggles to keep up with the competition, management is often to blame. We’re not making any bold assertions about Nokia, obviously, but we do know that the Finnish mobile giant’s had a tough time of late, and that it’s now decided to replace its most senior member of staff.

Apple iWatch becomes a reality
There’ve been many a fan-made concept of an iPod-watch over the years, and many a fanboy desperately pleading for it to come true. Now that the new Nano is out, has a watch function on the screen, is ridiculously small and can be attached to a strap, everything’s fallen into place.

Google’s balls mystify the world
Google’s latest doodle is notable mainly due to the fact that nobody was quite sure why it existed. The logo was replaced by many a spiralling ball this week, leaving heads scratching

Justin Bieber: Popular, apparently
According to the Twitterverse, tweenage pop thing Justin Bieber has a lot of fans. So many fans, in fact, that the little tyke’s twitter following requires its own servers at Twitter HQ. But then, so do his hair straighteners…

Steve Jobs: New iTunes Logo doesn’t suck
The new iTunes logo eschews the CD because Apple reckons that’s an outdated technology. It’s not to everyone’s tastes as this email proves. Check out Steve Jobs’s terse response.

The best Lego Star Wars creations ever
Geeks require two things to be happy: Star Wars and Lego. The two combined make for the kind of happiness that’s hard to describe in words. Have a look at some of these competition entry builds. Your inner child deserves it.

Royal Mail goes hi-tech
Royal Mail, in a continuing effort to stay current and down wiv da kids, has launched its very own special stamp that speaks to an iPhone app. If you can figure out its use, let us know.

It’s not tech, but…
Check out this video of a reality TV contestant getting a watermelon to the face at high speed. Remember though, it’s not funny to laugh at others’ misfortune.