Weird News: Air Guitar gets real & Tech stresses is out

Plus Pay with just your fingers & make your e-mails smell

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech.

Forget Google Wallet; it’s all about fingerprints.

A new scheme in Germany will allow consumers to pay for their shopping trolley by simply placing their fingertip on a scanner at the checkout.

Bringing smells to the digital spectrum.
Ever wanted to smell what you can see on the screen? Will, it depends what you are looking at, but still, developing tech will allow you to send smells over an e-mail. Yup, we don’t really understand the need for it either, but hey.

Murdering professor found guilty after app communication.
Somebody is always watching. A recent message sent from a South Korean to his mistress has helped an investigation looking into the death of his wife. The message “brace yourself” was saved in Kakao Talk’s server and helped police discover the mistress was an accomplice.

Technology causes five hours of stress a week.
Slow internet, computers crashing and the printer running out of ink or paper sees workers feeling harassed for an average of 56 minutes each day; considering the tech in our office we are surprised it’s only five hours!

Air Guitar gets real.
A guitar printed on a t-shirt is the key to making Air Guitar even better, emblazoned with a barcode a web cam picks the design up and hey-presto you have a guitar, sort of, to strum.