Website to use crowdsourcing to fix transport issues

FixMyTransport gives power to the people

A new website called has launched today and gives commuters a platform to report any problems with public transport services

A new website that offers commuters a platform to complain and report problems with public transport services has officially launched., which has been in beta for the past two months, will pass on customer complaints and feedback directly to transport operators, with the hope officials will tend to any reported glitches on their networks.

The website has been in the testing stage for close to two months but has already received nearly 70 reports, including a complaint about the poor state of the Woolwich Ferry Greenland pier, which the council repaired shortly afterwards. The site already has a number of transport bodies involved, including Transport for London, with whom it's been working with for the past two months.

Problems reported on FixMyTransport will be directed to TFL customer services and dealt with from there. It is understood that Transport for London isn't paying the website for this service.

The project follows the same principles as, where residents' complaints and reports are forwarded on directly to their local authority to fix anything from fly-tipping to pot-holes. Last year the website dealt with more than 60,000 problems alone.

Both of these sites are services provided by MySociety, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to make information more accessible to the public.

It is unclear how much FixMyTransport can do to improve public transport in London, but MySociety have a good track record (creator Tom Steinberg now advises the government on making their data more accessible), and there is a sense of optimism around the site that it can achieve the same success that forebears such as FixMyStreet have done.

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