webOS tablet teased by HP

New timer and video tout next-gen HP/Palm kit

Will HP and Palm be outing a new smartphone as well as a slate next week?

HP and Palm are finally set to officially reveal the heavily-touted webOS tablet at a special event next week. And just to whet gadget fans’ appetites, it’s released a new video and slapped a countdown timer online to get us all guessing as to just what might be unveiled.

The timer appears to show a webOS slate, with two models, the Topaz and Opal, already rumoured for launch. A nine second clip, which you can take a peep at below, hints at a smaller device which some reckon is the much-needed Pre 2 successor.

HP is looking to steal a jump on its rivals by outing its new wares ahead of Mobile World Congress on 13 February. We’ll be bringing you all the news from HP and Palm’s 9 February event as it happens, so stay tuned for more details.

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Via Unwired View