WebOS devs jump ship to Windows Phone

Microsoft inundated with responses after WP boss's tweet

Developers could give Windows Phone push it needs to reach the big time.

WebOS’s demise may mean dirt cheap tablets for gadget fans. But it also leaves developers looking for new platforms to work on. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson clearly new this when he fired off a tweet seeing if any webOS devs fancied switching to Windows Phone, but he couldn’t have expected the impressive response.

Taking once again to Twitter, Watson said, “I have >500 emails in just the last 22 hours. Had to rethink the algorithm for responding to all."

He went on to send an email to developers keen on making the switch. “Consider this a first step in building a relationship with the Windows Phone team. We are psyched to have you aboard and to see what your imagination can do on the Windows Phone canvas."

It could mean that Windows Phone gets the extra developer support it desperately needs in order to get a boost in its battle to overhaul Android and iOS. Will it make any difference? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via WP Central