webOS 2.0 throws up string of new Palm blowers

New codenames show HP/Palm plotting slew of new efforts

Internal code suggests as many as five new phones in the offing.

Palm Pre 2 not satisfying your craving for ever more webOS 2.0 tidbits? Then you’re in the right place. Because the Palm fanatics at webOS Internals have dug up a slew of names for new phones which could be in the pipeline.

Windsor, Mantaray, Stringray, Broadway and Roadrunner are the codenames unearthed from the webOS 2.0 build found on the Palm Pre 2. Word is that these devices are spanking new, although whether we’ll end up seeing five new webOS 2.0 phones in the near future remains unclear.

Roadrunner has been mooted previously and with CES less than two months away, there’s every chance that we could be seeing at least one killer new effort from HP/Palm at the start of 2011.

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Via Engadget