Wayne Rooney Tweet sees Nike Twitter campaign banned

Nike sees Twitter campaigned banned by the ASA for unidentified adverts on Rooney's account

Unidentified adverts posted on the Twitter feeds of Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshire see Nike receive the ASA's first UK Twitter campaign ban

England striker and Euro 2012 game winner Wayne Rooney has seen his personal Twitter account come under fire from the Advertising Standards Association for Tweets deemed to have been undeclared Nike adverts.

Seeing a ban enforced upon its Twitter based #MakeItCount campaign, sportswear giant Nike has been reprimanded by the UK’s advertising regulators with Tweets posted on the personal accounts of both Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshire deemed not to have been “obviously identifiable” as adverts as required.

The first company to see its Twitter campaign banned in the UK by the ASA, Nike’s influence on the Man United and England star’s social networking stream saw Rooney’s account send out the message: "My resolution — to start the year as a champion, and finish it as a champion...#makeitcount gonike.me/makeitcount".

Rooney’s Tweet was mimicked in sorts by one sent from the account of injured Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshire which read: "In 2012, I will come back for my club — and be ready for my country.#makeitcount.gonike.me/Makeitcount"

Said to have been “agreed with the help of a member of the Nike marketing team,” the questionable Tweets failed to include the #spon (sponsored) or #ad (advert) hashtags that have seen other companies get away with similar messages sent from the accounts of famous faces and recognisable personalities.

Should unidentified adverts be allowed on personalities’ Twitter accounts or should there be a clear indication of what classes as a company’s marketing campaign? Let us know your thoughts on the matter via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: TechRadar